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Thread: Adventure Besties Achievement

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    Adventure Besties Achievement

    I am trying to complete the achievement Adventure Besties (Xbox One - Coop): Escape the forest with 5 Medium and Large Artifacts.
    Except that i have try 5 medium AND 5 large, or 5 at all, and it doesn't work.
    I am not the only one, because many forum talk about it, bu not this one.

    Square, can you give a better explanation of this achievement/trophie, or can you fix the glitch?

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    I'm having this problem with the Poison Wolves - Eating achievement. I have the challenge on, done it multiple times, seen it trigger being done but no achievement.

    I think there are some glitches with the achievements, possibly since the release of the new DLC?

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    Just sharing some light of my own experience with this on the PS4 - I got it first try with my partner. We didn't encounter any issues and left with exactly five treasures in total (think 3 codices and 2 sarcophagi). We did combine it to the one achievement in which we have to survive 10 days and extract 20 artifacts, so maybe there's something missing from the wording and it might require a set ammount of days?

    We have the whole thing on video too. Again, this is on PS4. Don't have an Xbox One and still haven't started the Endurance Co-op achievements on Steam.

    Hope this helps. I know my OCD would drive me bonkers...

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