I'm on PS4, patch 1.0.3. When I got to the final location of the hallucinogen-augmented fight, where you're about to BBQ the witch for the one last time, I encountered what now seems to be a peculiar glitch to me. The witch's barrel-vessel was upside down with the actual witch hanging from it head-down like a church bell's clapper, doing her usual fireball-throwing and gibberish-shouting. The funny thing is, it seemed to kind of make sense to me at the time (1:30 AM) so I thought it to be her (hopefully) final trick and tried to fight her this way. It soon proved to be an extremely frustrating experience as, in this configuration, it was very tricky to hit the barrel with a rope arrow (impossible even, as the fight progressed) and the witch seemed to be unmoved by me shooting at her and was cutting the rope each time pretty much immediately. Nonetheless, it still seemed plausible (as far as witches go) and didn't look obviously broken so I managed to rage-quit and resume no less than three times before I reloaded from checkpoint only to find out it was most probably an actual glitch and I was now angry and sleep deprived fool who wasted an hour of his life The proper-side-up Baba Yaga turned up to be not much more challenging the last time than she was way too many times before. I was sober, I swear.