How do I get the account deleted. That account is linked to my old email address which no longer works. That account was created on 01/08/2012 in DD/MM/YYYY format. Since I changed to a new email I had to create a new members account from scratch with my working email address. I also created a Square Enix account with automatically links to the new members account. The old account does not have any registered games at all but I don't want that account anymore. The new members account to keep is and the old unwanted members account is I tried customer service but they can't handle account issues via email. The old Square Enix account at is already cancelled before the member's account was created in 2012 so it cannot be linked. The KB says in order to delete the Member's ID it would need to be linked to the Square Enix account and then the Square Enix account would need to be cancelled. I tried using a random password generator site and changed the password on the old account to a random password of the unwanted account but it doesn't stick. I went into settings and then change password, put the old password and a new random password but the new password doesn't stick.