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Thread: Tomb Raider impressed the classics.

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    Tomb Raider impressed the classics.

    For years since I played Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness, I have not put hands on any classic Tomb Raider.

    I have started to play and keep him from yesterday Tomb Raider III, with my original PSX disk I connect to the PS3 and play. That if even play soft graphics mode, pixelated look very, very ugly, while very beautiful landscapes for those scenarios.

    They have changed producer and developer, now is Square-Enix, who are taking Tomb Raider new where not really think Tomb Raider, also in many other officers and youtubers forums. Uncharted current type TR are in many respects. there is no sense of loneliness, mystery, puzzles, many traps, find switches to open doors, find that door, change the water level, animals and enemies of all kinds reach a door before time, avoid rolling balls, spikes , play a lot with water and within it there hazta puzzles, Lara visit 4 totally different countries.

    Current TR are almost always in the same place, that if varied but in the same place, no longer do puzzles such thinking as before, the type of traps do not, enemies are almost always the same, humans, animals few and statues that move anything, the tombs are few and are not much, precisely what characterizes the Tomb Raider series, has been lost, Lara no longer carrying uzis which is another icon of the series, if Lara falls into a crag automatically grabs on the edge, if exit at one edge to another automatically adjusts Lara alone and will address the ledge. The game is fine but many fans do not consider Tomb Raider, only the game title. A disaster like Tomb Raider, although as an independent game than TR, it is milk. It is a TR Uncharteado. Worst of all, it has a button and it tells you where you go. Since when an SLT tells you where you need to go?

    They will change director and I'm glad for it, we will have if heeds fans once and for all, I say go back to the bucket system as it was before, if your essence. There is no way back. I hope he does a good Tomb Raider.

    I remember saying Square, wanted in the 2013 Tomb Raider sell 4 weeks between 5 or 6 million units and sold 3.4 million, not bad but to be profitable the game, took a year. Make a Tomb Raider really.


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    I can see why quite a few people see more connection between Uncharted and classic TR. There is a manual grab to cure the issue with automatic grab in the Rise cards. I agree on multi-componant puzzles and that feeling of isolation the reboot has't quite delievered like the classics did but hopefully that will come back as she goes more towards exploring bigger tombs. The variation in the sections of TR3 was really cool and I liked that a lot.

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    I hope there m'sa exploration in 2018. TR TR really not an attempt to Uncharted.

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