Myself and several others have experienced frequent crashing while playing expeditions such as solo & co-op endurance, cold darkness, and Lara's Nightmare. I never had any problem with the game but after downloading the new dlc pack on Oct. 11th (I have the season pass) it'll just freeze mid game randomly. It doesn't even freeze the Xbox I can go to the home page and select "quit" to shut it off. I am being realistic when I say 7/10 endurance games are ended by freezing. It was definitely not like that before co-op also.

Apart from the constant time wasting freezing bug, yesterday I was playing a game with an open connection and I fell through the floor randomly in the forest and landed in a blank forest. Then things started spawning around me After randomly teleporting REALLY far from my partner. This morning I spent 3 hours in a co op endurance game. We had over 100 artifacts, challenging cards, and were on day TWENTY ONE. Both our games froze randomly and we had to just end the game on the dashboard. All that for nothing. What to heck :c

Please someone fix this amazing game.

P.S - All this is referring to Xbox one ROTTR. I have it recorded on my profile. My gamertag is: Buffy