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Thread: Puzzled at lack of puzzles

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    Puzzled at lack of puzzles

    I love the Tomb Raider series, well at least i did.
    The last two games have ended my love and i am really disappointed in the new direction.

    There are some neat features and graphics are mind blowing but the game does not play like a puzzle.

    If you are trying to please weaker gamers why not have as an option? I don't want to be told every move.
    A prime example is waking up in prison, walk around and the action button flashes over pipe and there is a gaping hole in the wall, this could have been a great and tough puzzle but i got out in seconds.
    Why do you insist on puttting all answers to every tiny obstacle on the screen?
    Have a difficulty mode with no support, perfect for many people.
    When i walk up to the ice ship, why does the audio have to tell me what to do and why does the x button flash as soon as i land on the platform? Potential puzzle area has been solved before i do anything.

    In the old games part of the game was to work out what to do, in this latest game i have played right through to 23% and barely stopped.

    The escape sequences are also pointless, i land in water from prison escape and message says to swim for life or something so i hold forward and tap b, what a waste. The old games would have a series of tunnels and numerous dead ends thus taking me several attempts to work out the route.

    Levels like francis folly and the old cistern took many hours but the new cistern in rise of tomb raider this level is completed without a pause.

    The game is no longer a puzzle adventure but a simple display of graphics.

    Please understand there are players who like puzzles and enjoyment comes from solving them and not from seeing cut scenes and beautiful graphics.

    Solution, make more puzzles like the old games and have a mode with no on screen help i.e. no icons flashing up, no indicators, dont put big holes in walls that can be destroyed, dont have lara turn toward solutions, don't explain every aspect of every tool, dont focus camera on the solutions.

    Please release a version with gameplay like tr2 and tr3 but update graphics and stop spoiling puzzles.

    For people who want to progress with help they can find tips and walkthroughs online.

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    I agree about the lack of puzzles....the 3 key features that made TR great are combat, acrobatics and me it seems the direction since Chronicles has been to eliminate the puzzle me the first 3 are the classic games...after that not sure what to call it. It probably is about getting younger players, which I kids will play the new ones but not even attempt the old ones and get annoyed when I tell them the old ones are the real TR games. But if it wasn't for us old timers playing the game 15 or so years ago, there still wouldn't be a series today...throw us a bone (oh you did already TR1 and 2 on mobile! Only thing better would be TR3 and 4 next)

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    The puzzles were the best rated aspect of ROTTR so I think they will be expanded on in future games. I agree they need to be a MUCH bigger part of the games. It may be worth adding your suggestions to the TR11 wishlist in the Rise section of the forum.

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    This more than anything else is what they need to work on. I don't really get it as LCTOO has a good amount of puzzles in so wish they could put as many into the third of the trilogy.

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    Agreed. Tomb Raider has become more complex and it shift away from puzzle and story telling. I hope the company can tone down complexity of weapon upgrading and customizing stuff because this isn't a FTS game at all. Please add more puzzle solving, and do something with the artifacts. It is pointless finding a bunch of artifacts and only have text description and nothing else.

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    when i play Tomb Raider I wanna raid sum tombs...i.e: solve sum puzzles!

    absolutely agree this game is so awesome but would much prefer the campaign itself to be shorter and have more tombs.
    there is only 9 i think its not really that much and most of them are pretty str8 forward.

    i agree im sick of games holding your hand so much. like you say have the option for hints and being able to turn that off

    the Batman games were terrible for this. You turn off 'hints' but the game still tells you where to go

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    Agreed! Much more puzzles! In my opinion, the new ones try to focus so much on the physics, which is great and all, but there's only so much you can do. I remember several puzzles in Legend and Underworld that were more about navigation. I feel that you can do so much more with that! Besides, getting lost was fun!

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    Agree with you 100%. I've spent years asking for a Tomb Raider authentic, not a copy of Uncharted.

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