Thread: Gamestop Pre Order Code Not Working!

Gamestop Pre Order Code Not Working!

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    Gamestop Pre Order Code Not Working!

    I just picked up my copy after 10 am PST and the pre order code doesn't work...GameStop can't help me so I sure as hell hope You guys can.

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    Get in touch with Customer Support.

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    Pretty sure this is widespread. I haven't talked to a single person who preordered DQ Builders who hasn't had an issue redeeming the DLC from Day One Edition stuff or retailer exclusive. Someone really should look into this.

    Customer Support isn't being particularly helpful. They told me to contact PSN and that SQEX can't do anything about it. PSN told me that they don't have any control over it and suggested that SQEX hasn't provided/released the DLC yet to PSN. Another rep at PSN said that they think the preorder vouchers are accidentally the Full Game vouchers rather than just the Add-On DLC only, and that's why you can't download it if you already have the physical copy installed.