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Thread: Came Back After Months of Not Playing... Can't Play

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    Exclamation Came Back After Months of Not Playing... Can't Play

    To clarify, this is a repost of a report thread from the HITMAN fanbase subreddit, but I was advised to post this here for better help.

    Hey-o, guys. So, I stopped playing shortly after the release of Sapienza due to unrelated life stuff, but I've been aching to play again recently and started the game up today, but I have been met with so many problems that the game is actually, literally unplayable.

    I started by trying to play Marrakech, and I had no problems until I tried to start the mission, but the game would crash halfway through the loading process. I tried to start the mission twice more. After that, I decided to try playing Sapienza instead, since I didn't have any problems playing it when it was released. I set up the game so I started as a Gardener, but when the camera pans over the landscape before starting gameplay, there is absolutely no sound. I couldn't remember if that was supposed to happen, so I started walking around. I cannot walk more than 500 feet before all of the sound completely stops, and, less than 20 seconds later, the game will crash completely. I've tried this approximately 5 times, and I've changed around multiple settings, including bringing down all settings significantly, setting the game to both Direct3D 11 and 12, and I tried turning V-Sync on and off.

    I cannot play the new missions, and all of the old ones allow me around 40 seconds before the game crashes entirely. There are many instances where the sound does not work, and, as far as I can tell, changing settings does not work. I've even tried the -SKIP_LAUNCHER workaround, but it's had no effect.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, everyone.

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    UPDATE: This problem has since been remedied thanks to a nice person on reddit.

    Solution: Verify game cache files, turn game down to dx11, and add -SKIP_LAUNCHER to game's launch options.

    A better question at this point is why the Square Enix forums say my name is "Mitchel-257" when my linked Steam account, which I sign in through, is Mitchel-256. Weird.

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