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Thread: AOD Lara's hair

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    AOD Lara's hair

    Does Lara's hair look better in the old or in the new picture of AOD. Well first of all I love Lara's hair in the orginal games except number one, she has none! The braid is so cool in the rest! In AOD what is the deal looks like some one throw it from afar and it just landed? Don't know. I did like the braid in the video short and also the end of her hair, it looked like a paintbrush waving about. Go Lar's

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    I like the new hair, its a nice refreshing look for her, but its not too much of a drastic change either so its good enough for me

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    cud you imagine a virtual lara doing a shampoo advertisment on TV. lmao that would make me chuckle!!

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    Originally posted by shanedj
    cud you imagine a virtual lara doing a shampoo advertisment on TV. lmao that would make me chuckle!!
    I agree
    classic is all I can say. Go Lar's

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    If you look at the Aod Lara's hair and compare it to the old one, you will see in the new one you can actually see the braided strands of hair not just a long tube that moves around alot. Just shows how much work it took to put this game together.

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    I like her hair in Aod too. But look at ingame movies at Her hair is goind through her body in the game. That's not very good.

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    Her hair will not go through her body in the official game. You will have a heart attack when you see the official game. Remember it's comming out for PS2/PC November 14, 2002. I don't know if y'all can handle it or not.

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    I like the new shorter hair. The messy ends makes her look even more rough and dark.

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    I think Lar's hair in AOD is a change for the better. Her new style makes her look more pretty, and mature. Also, if you look closely at her old style, and her new style, you will notice more realistic detail and texturing in her new style. If the game is truly "next generation" as they say, her hair will be as realistic as possible for a game. Newer graphics cards, such as the GeForce4 64 MB series, allow fore hair to show texturing, movement, and millions of individual hairs. Wonder if Lara would do one of those Erbal Escence commercials..just kidding.
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    i was VERY negative about lara's new hair because i thought the 4 dumb looking strands at the end made lara's hair look absolutley terrible! but now i think it looks great... maybe a little cheesy but lara needed a change to her ponytail (its like her trademark)!

    also.. i hope they fix the fact that lara's ponytail moves WAY too much in gameplay but in fmv's it doesnt move that much at all! if you think of the weight of a real ponytail that size it wouldnt move as much as they are portraying in the game and it would move more than they are portraying in the videos... i really hope they tie these ends together (im definatley sure they will)!

    i think im done !!

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    i think Lara needed a haircut.

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    Lately the pictures I have seen of Lar's hair it still looks like a long tube in some shots and in other shots it looks like the braid. I hope they get the braid right and Lar's hair still move a bit that I think it is charming even if it's not realistic. Go Lar's is all I can say. May the hairs be with you always.

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    I like the new hair a lot more than the old.

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    Is Lara's new image a result of the higher number of Pixels dedicated to her?

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    Just watched some footage I downloaded and Lara still has the wagging tail effect. I hope this is always kept in the TR games cause it makes her look so charming like a button. I must ask Lara how she does it. I mean how cute. I wish mine wagged like that like a little puppies tail it is. hehe

    Oh by the way do you know what shampoo Lara uses I think her hair has gotten thicker and fuller in aod. I bet it is that herbal esscence stuff...... Yes yes Go Lar's

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