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Final Fantasy XIV versus Final Fantasy XI

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    Final Fantasy XIV versus Final Fantasy XI

    FFXIV is a new game, and not a shadow of FFXI, we got that part, but what happened to features that made FFXI great?

    When FFXIV came out, I was excited, finally out! Only to realize there was no chokobo, no mog house, fishing is a joke, gardening is gone, no weapon chains... What happened to what made FFXI great? A new game yes but still the same serie. So why get rid of what made it so good compared to the other boring MMOs?

    I hope you make a great new game this time with RR but please try to incorporate what made FFXI so special!

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    Well, Combattante, a lot of the features you liked in FINAL FANTASY XI did come to FINAL FANTASY XIV, and will still be present in FINAL FANTASY XIV: A REALM REBORN -- albeit some of those features being a bit different since this is a different Final Fantasy game than FFXI. However, I assume they're well aware fans of FFXI are the first eyes looking at FFXIV!

    In A REALM REBORN, there will definitely be chocobos to ride around as there are in the current version of FINAL FANTASY XI and XIV, but there will be a system to raise your own chocobo -- even to have it fight alongside you in combat! The details of this system haven't been fully revealed, but I'd stay tuned for announcements to see what comes out of this system.

    While there are plans for player housing that are similar to what you see in FINAL FANTASY XI, I haven't heard about any plans for Gardening at the moment. That is a feature I'd like to see in FINAL FANTASY XIV: A REALM REBORN too, especially since there is a Disciple of the Land job called Botanist that could be used for Gardening, sort of like low a Carpenter will be used to create furnishings for your home.

    Fishing itself is a bit obtuse in FINAL FANTASY XIV, but the team has stated that the system will undergo a revamp for A REALM REBORN -- but no specifics quite yet! I assume it will become a bit more accessible, at least interface-wise, and that players will have more incentive to level that class because of the intrinsic partnership crafting and harvesting classes have.

    If you haven't seen the Letter from the Producer Live #3 video (click here to watch, and make sure to enable English captions), it's a light look into some of the different systems that will be present in A REALM REBORN. Definitely check that out if you haven't been up to speed on recent changes!

    Additionally, the Lodestone is a great resource for people interested in updates for FINAL FANTASY XIV and A REALM REBORN -- that's located here:

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    I signed up for FFXI again, it's a game that I had left for WoW but that I have always missed. It's probably my favorite game actually.

    I can't wait for RR, I hope to get to play the beta as well.

    I'll read the lodestone, see what's new.