Thread: DLC characters for Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness

DLC characters for Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness

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    DLC characters for Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness

    i am really tired of the fact that Star Ocean 4 and 5 have a VERY small cast of characters, and miss the way Star Ocean 1 and 2 had a TON of potential characters you could have in your party. since SO5 has the option for DLC content, i think you should release some dlc characters to the game (for free). either make it part of a later game patch or actual dlc content.

    Please release DLC content for SO5 to add additional optional characters into the game with PA options endings, and tons of other things related to that particular character. i know many fans miss this aspect of the early Star Ocean games.

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    SO5 isn't really built for more party members, seven party members is a perfectly fine amount for an RPG, and all party members are in combat at once, so having 7 is already a little odd. Adding story characters as DLC isn't really a thing you just kinda decide out of nowhere because it "might be fun".

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    not having possible alternative characters you can get, instead of the 7 that are in the game already, is just a bit of a disappointment to me as Integrety and Faithlessness plays so much like Star Ocean 2, you only have 8 members in your party total, no matter which characters you picked for that game, but you had either Leon or Dias if you were Rena or Claude as the MC, you had Opera and Ernest you could get if you didnt get Ashton, you could get Bowman or Precis, and then if you had room cuz you decided not to collect one of the characters before, you could get Noel and Chisato. i know they had a lot of characters you could pick from in SO1 but the character gain mechanics worked differently in that one, but you still could hafe a bunch of possible different ending potentials as a result of the character combinations. even SO3 allowed you to pick one of several to leave the second planet with you, or wait until later and pick up a different character elsewhere. it seems that when SO4 and SO5 came out they stopped it with the extra characters. i definitely miss that.