I created a Square-Enix account back when Human Revolution came out in 2011. I used the name olanmills, and the same email address that this account, olanmills64, is registered with.

I was able to play Deus Ex go with my olanmills account.

Now, I installed Mankind Divided and I tried to link my account to it, because for one thing, I earned Praxis kits in Deus Ex Go. At the login prompt on this website, regardless of whether I entered "olanmills" or my email address, it seemed to take me to a form as if I was registering for the first time. I had to fill out my birthdate, country, and pick a username, and it wouldn't let me use "olanmills", saying it was taken already. What's up with this?

I went ahead and entered a new name, "olanmills64", just to get through this, but now I'm worried that it's not linked to my old account, or that my old account is gone.