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Ps4- deus ex problems

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    What happens with the new game ?? Are they not supposed to be professionals? I updated the new patch and it is still stuck on the subway on the way to a man. The question is will fix it soon if they are not able to return the money?
    It's a disgrace that a company of this magnitude does not solve problems in the liberation of the game, I will consider post things on Facebook so that people will consider buying games from this company in the future.
    By the way i paid close to 100 $ for the unsuccessful game

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    I can't believe they take your dlc and any extra praxis, I had to reload a couple of saves back and it was all gone. wtf I couldn't believe it, So everytime I tried to fix it, Start a new game? I hadn't even started the 2nd mission and I had no Credits or Praxis packs Even the Augs I unlocked had gone. I liked Deus Ex Revolution but I'm not sure about this game anymore . I'm going to play from the beginning now and hope something will change my mind. From what the people say it's not looking good . weblocks/ PS4 , Ps If anyone has any info that helps. Pls tell