First off I got to say for a Deus Ex game I have 50/50 feelings about this game. There is a part of me that favors this game above the other 5 Deus Ex games (Deus Ex, Invisible War, Project Snowblind, Human Revolution, The Fall luckly I didn't play that one) but also the buggiest one I have ever played. I love 95% of what this game does but the other 5% is about enough to ruin my experience and immersion in this game which are of course are bugs that 5% is a really big percentage for just being bugs. Civilians clipping objects and buildings, no item recognition for example when I am looking at a combat rifle at any angle my crosshair doesn't recognize it's even there or interactable aka able to be picked up also (seemingly, I didn't stick around) infinite load times after loading a save. I started noticing this very commonly on new game+ files. Frame rate and performance can use some work the saddest part is I play this on the PS4.