Thread: What is your favourite Kingdom Hearts song?

What is your favourite Kingdom Hearts song?

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    What is your favourite Kingdom Hearts song?

    For me, it has to be the orchestral version of Simple and Clean (Hikari).

    Post your favourite below!

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    Simple and Clean or Sanctuary ... love them

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    Yes, You are right its one of very simple and clean version of kingdom hearts Hikari But I like the music which they have added in it. Some times I used to listen only music while I am working online essay writing service at StudyClerk, Because when I listen these tracks it helps me to do my work full concentration and also I feel very relaxed. So for me the Music of Kingdom Hearts Songs 1.2 is the best.

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    I have so many favorites, so I decided to break mine up into categories...

    Favorite Version of Dearly Beloved:

    I have to give it to Dream Drop Distance. I think the waltz they incorporated into it is beautiful, and the overall tone of the song is great. The version used in Birth By Sleep -A Link to the Future- is also amazing.

    Boss Themes:

    In my opinion the answer is hands down Kingdom Hearts 2. It had some of the best boss themes I've ever heard. Specifically, I'd say "Darkness of the Unknown" (It's a combination of the final boss sequences between Sora, Riku, and Xemnas.)

    World Themes:

    Once again I'm going with Dream Drop Distance. I think Yoko Shimomura hit the nail on the head and did a remarkable job creating the themes for the various worlds.

    Character Theme:

    Ventus. Its so simple, but so beautiful.

    Favorite Overall Song:

    It jumps around all the time, but right now, it has to be Traverse In Trance from Dream Drop Distance. I think the song captures perfectly the atmosphere of Traverse Town in the game.

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    I also like this concert, it's really light and makes others feel comfortable basketball legends

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    Fate of the Unknown.
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