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Sugar Free Picus Glitch

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    Hello there,
    I write in this thread because i couldn't seem to find a topic for my issue:
    During the third visit to Prague i managed to get the "Sugar Free Picus" POI but it seems the locator is glitched or bugged, since it indicates two places at the same time. When i'm inside the apartments building where the vendor NPC is, it indicates the POI is somewhere in the square where the magic shop is, but then when i move out in the streets the POI changes and indicates back to the apartments building where the vendor is located. I've tried exploring both locations but the POI keeps staying in my Quest Log.
    So the question is: has anyone completed that POI yet? If so, where should i look or what should i do in order to score it?
    Of course i hope this thread will help Square Enix fixing it aswell!

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    If you're still having trouble with this it is the northern most apartment of the Libuse Apartments on the top floor. It's literally just above where you find the informant that gave you the POI. And across from Stanek's apartment. It should complete for you on entry. I had the same glitch and it worked for me.