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Thread: As of today...

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    TR_Freak Guest

    As of today...

    there are...

    4 months and 6 days


    16 weeks and 6 days


    118 days


    2832 hours!

    till the release of Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness on November 15, 2002

    (btw today is July 9, 2002)

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    only 4 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I remember back when tomb raider chronicles came out, it was taking so long, so long to even get even and screenshots on the game. It took like 2 full years, no its 4! months!

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    I heard it was the 14 November 2002 - bwahahahaha - LOL!!!!
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    Thanks for the up date! keep posting one every week!!!!
    Trust me i'm a girl, i know these things.

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    Not long now then!!

    I have had my copy pre-ordered from amazon since May!

    Amazon Also ship new games two days before there official release!

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