Thread: Deus Ex Universe app broke

Deus Ex Universe app broke

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    Deus Ex Universe app broke

    Apparently you need to use the deus ex universe app to scan those triangle things.

    I have downloaded the app to two different android devices and can't log in to either. It says connection error.

    I have searched online and this problem has existed for at least a month.

    Does anyone know of a workaround?

    Does square have any intention of fixing the problem?

    This reminds me of the directors cut of human revolution where the smart glass functionality never worked and square were not only silent on the issue but never bothered fixing it.

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    Nearly a year later and the app is still showing connection error when attempting to launch the scanner tool to decode those triangle codes. Only attempting on one device, Android Nougat. Tried connecting via WiFi and 4G LTE. Tried changing password from the usual Upper-case, lower-case, special character, number-type to ALL CAPS with a number, but no go. Also tried changing my password from the aforementioned complicated type to another complicated type and also no-go. I haven't yet tried the VPN method, yet... my current VPN's sub is expired.

    Any help with this issue greatly appreciated.