this is mainly aimed at the Devs of Mankind divided and relates to some minor issues and bugs. This isn't meant in any offensive way and I am nitpicking here and there and this only serves to improve the experience for everyone. It may also contain spoilers!!! I am also hoping that this will become something like a hub for issues with the game.

So I have played the game for around 30 hours now, (but haven't finished yet), and I am really liking it. But there are a few minor issues:

1. In the mission where you have to infiltrate the 'Time Machine'- book store that is being searched by Dvali gangsters, some of these goons continuously shout ''I can see you'', even when they don't know of my presence.

2. Also after this mission, all the Dvali gangster suddenly disappear, which seems too much of a convenient way of ending the mission. Some kind of reason why they left would have been nice. But this is nitpicking.

3. The Tesla gun arm has a very weird aim and just seems to lock on to any random targets, without really showing which ones. I never know which targets will be incapacitated and which ones will be left alone. Also once you pulled it up, it seems you can't cancel it.

4. When you create a save-point while you are in cover and you want to load this save-point, after the loading screen, you have to press 'space' to enter the game again. But then, it also automatically presses the space-bar in the game, meaning that Jensen will vault over, or move out of the cover automatically, usually leading to you being spotted. This is probably the most noticeable and the only one that has to be fixed.

6. !Spoiler Alert! After you enter the NSN device using Millers key card, you run into the TF29s psychotherapist upon exiting the room. When you have finished your conversation with her and you press E (to talk to her) again, the conversation mode puts you and her into her office, although before you have just been in Millers office. Obviously the game must think that the next time you would speak to her would be in her office.

7. The support for the 21:9 aspect ratio is OK, but could definitely better, considering that it has been great in human revolution.

8. It would be great if you could zoom out more during the hacking. This would make it easier to get an overview.

9. When you launch the game, the Gaming-Evolved credit from AMD is really loud and almost blows my head off every-time I launch the game.

Now this is the uncomfortable part. I think that the game is a bit too easy, compared to Human Revolution. (I think one reason for that is the alertness meter that fills up as you move into the enemies field of vision; and also the fact that you really find a lot of items that make the game easier (like crafting items that can be used to avoid the need of any hacking).
Also, the augments (especially the new ones) make the game too easy. Especially the Tesla Gun Arm that just incapacitates many enemies very quickly. This in conjunction with the fact that the energy meter fills up very quickly and allows you to use many enhancements after another, and the fact that you gain praxis point very quickly.

I just felt that in Human Revolution, you were really looking forward to unlocking the enhancements and then they really made a difference, but in Mankind Divided, I found that I never needed them and that they just made the game go past too quickly. These enhancements just take some of the things away, that were great about Human Revolution.
I mean, isn't it much cooler to clear out a room of enemies using the takedowns, planning and waiting for the perfect moment, instead of just pressing one button and thus taking them all out?

Another point is that the strong stress on open combat is very much noticeable, and most of the new enhancements are aimed towards that. Also the amount of items that you find in the world also seem aimed towards using many bullets, whereas ammo has been more scarce in Human Revolution.

To conclude, I really have to say that it is a great game with an interesting story and interesting side missions, and I very much value what the Devs have come up with here. I really do like the game! But I also think that you will have the most fun playing on the hardest difficulty, and when you either try to play through like a Ghost, (without anyone noticing that you were ever there), or by taking everyone out stealthily in hand-to-hand take-downs, and without using any of the new enhancements.