Thread: [Bug/Suggestion]Specific bugs I noticed (kind of long descriptions)

[Bug/Suggestion]Specific bugs I noticed (kind of long descriptions)

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    [Bug/Suggestion]Specific bugs I noticed (kind of long descriptions)

    I am playing on PC version of the game.

    1. HUD, body interaction shares the same key
    When an objective is partially done, the HUD prompts you to hold interact button (hold E by default) to see the updated log for current objective. While this is useful for some missions, in missions where I have to kill/incapacitate enemies, I want to drag the body(which is also holding E button) of an enemy immediately after killing him. In this case it just doesn't help but annoy me.
    I suggest giving interacting with a body a higher priority to avoid the issue or changing the log update key to something else.

    2. Last mission in London, hacking a computer
    In the last mission, after getting off of VTOL and taking the elevator down, I see a security room right next to me. In that room, there is a laptop that can be hacked. For some reason, hacking this laptop won't block mouse button from pressing the laptop keyboards (it is behind the hacking screen) making a player impossible to solve the hacking unless I scroll down so that your mouse can't hit any buttons behind the hacking screen.
    Does my words make any sense? Put it this way, so when I hack a laptop, it shows you hacking screen. In that screen, mouse click should only work for clicking the nodes and other UIs(capture, fortify..) related to that screen. But the mouse will penetrate the hacking screen and instead press what is behind(the laptop). So it enters the password entering screen(I know this by the clicking sound effect). In this case all key strokes(from my real keyboard) and mouse will focus on that 'entering the password' part of laptop, while all I see is 'hacking screen.' (basically I can't hack but disconnect to avoid)

    I have not found any other laptops that do the same, but there could be more of this kind..

    3. Some times, objective marker just gets lost.
    It happened to me three times in my play-through, objective marker will eventually be stuck in one spot and will not update even if I go through it.

    4. Smart Home system.
    In one of the house in Prague(can't say which one, but I will do my best to describe it), where I have to enter by vent(come to think of it, I think I only encountered like 2-3 houses with smart home system). The one that has a sofa in the center with monitors in front of it?.
    The dialogue and function for it is broken. It shows three options, mood change, open wall panel and return.
    And what I think return should do is to close the dialogue with AI. But, it doesn't do anything. Also normally dialogue ending buttons are located in 'down,' but this one is placed in 'left.'
    So basically, if I open smart home and then email on that laptop, the 4-dir buttons will remain up on the screen while I am reading e-mails, and there is no way to turn it off but to exit the laptop.

    5. Weird wheel scrolling of newspaper, Reader, or items in menu.
    The texts on newspaper are designed to be read the way they are, but scrolling with mouse will sometimes not scroll the whole newspaper down but only the text part of it which breaks the integrity of the game.

    For reader, I understand the scrolling because it only has one column, but the page indicator will not change according to where I am reading. This is a minor bug.

    In story item(or other parts of menu), it shows you 3D-model of an item on the left and description of it on the right. When I scroll with my mouse wheel on the text part three things can happen: text scrolls with 3D-model zooming in and out, only 3D-model will zoom in-out, only text will scroll up and down. This breaks the integrity of the game. One way to ensure only the text will scroll is to put my mouse on scroll bar and scroll, but this is just not user friendly at all--I should be able to scroll the text when my mouse is over the text not just scroll bar.


    I hope these get fixed soon.
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