Thread: PC users, clean your PC for once...

PC users, clean your PC for once...

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    PC users, clean your PC for once...

    I am getting sick and tired of PC gamer complaints in the last recent games that came out... Seriously, people on Steam give bad reviews, and to be straight honest here is why:

    1. People probably use some underpowered and under-performing 2011 Tech Potato and then set the graphics to ULTRA...
    2. People are dumb enough to watch porn and visit other low-IQ sites (clickbaits, etc) with their main gaming computer.
    3. People do not clean their PC...
    4. People play with outdated drivers everywhere, even GPU !!

    How to fix crap and allowing yourself to play a game.

    1. Get a new graphics GPU each two years, yes, your Gtx500-600 or whatever is garbage.
    2. Stop watching porn on your gaming rig.
    3. Use some program that helps you clean up your mess of a PC that causes the crashes to begin with. Great programs for it will cost you 25 bucks or so a year, and garbage that adds even more spy and adware, you can get for free. Take the option that costs, I mean, it is your 800+ USD gaming rig that you are protecting afterall and keeping it 100% efficient.
    4. Make sure your drivers, yes, all of them are up to date.

    That pretty much solves all your issues from not being able to play a game. Otherwise, just get a console but stop complaining like some 80+ year old grandmas all the time, giving a game bad scores because of most of the times your own mistake.

    I have 100+ games on my computer, yes, on Windows 10 and play even stuff from the early 90s on it. So far, 0 crashes, not even one crash, since 4 years, no crash, nothing, on any game...

    99% of the times, it is your own fault a game won't run...face the facts and do something about it instead of complaining and crying that customer support can't hold your hand...because of course they can't, since most crybabies contact them for every single crap that is the end-user's own fault, creating huge waiting lines for people that actually face legit problems.

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    how do you explain crashes on consoles?

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    Nixxes should hire this guy. Whenever someone posts a technical problem he should weigh in and say "stop watching porn".

    I can't think of anything more helpful and constructive.
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    > 2. Stop watching porn on your gaming rig.

    why? That's some strange advice you got there.

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    The game runs poorly in a wide variety of ways across a wide variety of setups. The fact that this game has a 64% on Steam is not a product of consumers doing something wrong, it's because the game was optimized poorly. If what you're saying was the case, literally every new game that came out would have a ton of bad reviews from people with junked up computers. That does not happen, therefore the issue is on the development end. Just because the game runs well for you does not mean it runs well for equally clean and powerful computers, which is the entire problem to begin with. Your experiences do not make others' experiences irrelevant.
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