Thread: PC version freeze trouble

PC version freeze trouble

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    PC version freeze trouble

    Hi everyone!) here's my comp configuratuion
    intel core 2 duo e8500 3.16 ghz
    nvidia geforce 660 gtx ti
    8 gb ram
    resolution 1280x1024 60hz (i have 17' 4:3) monitor

    When i started the game the most options were automatically set to high and most of turn on/off options were on
    The game goes smooth and nice (great optimization btw), but there are moments when the game just totally freezes for 1-15 sec and looks like a screenshot, then continiues going smooth with nice FPS. I got the same problem with witcher 3 days before, googled it and had a solution to use nVidia Inspector to decrease GPU frequency for -30 mhz. Those time it helped me, and here, when i met this problem, too in the beginning. I passed through all 1st mission without any freezes, but than they start again, sometimes 1 in 2-3 mins, sometimes 3-4 per min. And when this freeze continiues the music, the sounds (for example radio at adam's home) are still ok and continiue playing. I have an idea its CPU trouble, mb anyone knows how to play with settings to solve it? I already turned off options that use cpu most according to official Square Enix post, but the problem is still out there. mb someone met this kind of problem and could help me? i'd appreciate it)
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