Thread: [BUGREPORT] Floating assets/ladders to nowhere/etc

[BUGREPORT] Floating assets/ladders to nowhere/etc

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    [BUGREPORT] Floating assets/ladders to nowhere/etc


    While the game is technically playable and I'm not getting any slowdowns or anything, I can't really continue playing it right now as it is completely ridiculous. There are assets (boxes/ammo crates/tools/etc) just randomly floating all over the map. Here is one example:

    I can post a ton of images like that. They are just floating in the air randomly all over the place.

    There are also ladders in the middle of the room that you can climb that go to no where. They aren't attached to anything at the top.

    Also, I've fallen through several walls/etc.

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    Some more pictures:

    And that's just one little area. This is literally all over the place.
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    Forgot to mention. Running on PC with the following specs:

    I7-4770K @3.5ghz
    GeForce GTX 780
    16gb RAM
    Windows 10
    Latest Nvidia Drivers

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    Reverting to an older driver set didn't help.

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    Same here. I have similar specs to you.

    I7-4770k no OC
    16gb Ram
    Win 10
    Latest drivers
    I'm running SLI 770 4gb though.

    I was going to turn off SLI but seems like it wouldn't matter. I've tried sliding options around here and there to no avail. Once in the penthouse level, I keep hitting invisible walls or going through places that walls should be. I can't really tell where to go.

    I'm going to try it on my other PC tomorrow which has an I5-4690k and a 970.

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    Same bug here, my specs are very different:
    16gb ram
    win 10
    Latest drivers
    AMD R290 x2 crossfire

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