Thread: Where's my pre-order goodies?!

Where's my pre-order goodies?!

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    Where's my pre-order goodies?!

    Yeah, bit of an issue has popped up. I've registered my game, downloaded the files from the game store (via the code the website browser gave me) and I still have NOTHING of my preorder goodies.

    No outfits, no extra mission, nothing. Do I have to pay to unlock what I already bought?
    Would really like to know why I don't have my stuff AFTER I've downloaded it.

    I have it on the Xbox one and the account is linked up all nice and neatly. Still no stuff.
    Why is this a thing?

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    Similar issues here. I think the issue stems from the Covert Agent pack not being available on the Xbox store.

    I purchased the Digital Deluxe Edition for Xbox One direct from the Microsoft store. Downloaded Main game + Desperate Measures DLC no problem. Linked my Squared Enix Account and got links to the soundtrack and books.

    No sign of a Covert Agent Pack anywhere though. Maybe Microsoft failed to certify it due to the unclear single-use single-save nature of the contents?

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    I'm experiencing the same issues. I have emailed square enix customer support, they replied but didn't really help much so I sent them another email. I recommend you guys sending them emails, so it gets brought their attention a little more so they can see it's affecting numerous people.

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