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Thread: i'm new, lost and my game hates my pc. help?

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    i'm new, lost and my game hates my pc. help?

    Hi there!

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place but the game I am interested in only has archives here.

    I recently tried to play one of my favs, Startopia. As soon as it did nothing I remembered I have a prob with this game since I built this pc last year. I was forced to upgrade my windows to win 7. i chose home premium 64. my sims love it and my diablo loves it but not much else really.

    When i load the cd and choose play.. it does nothing.
    When I double click the exe file on my hd... it does nothing.

    Well actually it does something, somewhere, as my task manager suddenly hits 100% cpu usage and I have to reboot to do anything else as the thing bogs down to slower than a tortoise.


    other possibly useful info:
    my windows partition does not have internet access by default <my choice>
    i hate windows and really love my other partition which is linux lite 3.0 . If I could make my games run in the linux i would chuck the windows totally so if anyone knows how to make Startopia run in my linux I would gladly offer you my firstborn child


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    Have you tried running the game in compatibility mode?

    It was released a long time ago and that may solve the problem.

    As for Linux, with a game this old, there is an outside chance that it may run under WINE.

    I can't be sure if it will work as I have not tried it though it almost works with an equally old game, Project Eden.

    It could be worthy a try.

    Best of luck with it.
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    Yes I have tried compatibility mode and it still didn't work. At least I think I have, I'll give it one more go just in case.

    Having only been a linux user for the past year I still keep forgetting about WINE. Thanks for reminding me. I'll check into that.

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