Thread: Unable to unsubscribe from email spam, and can't find way to delete my account

Unable to unsubscribe from email spam, and can't find way to delete my account

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    Unable to unsubscribe from email spam, and can't find way to delete my account

    I am receiving lot's of spam from square-enix, and when I try to unsubscribe (using the link provided in the emails), nothing happens.

    I would also like to delete my account, as this serves no purpose for me, but I can't find any way to do that.

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    SAME HERE. absolutely ridiculous!

    there's a button on the bottom that says "unsubscribe". however, when i click it, i just get a "manage email preferences" page with a bunch of switches... first of all i can't tell which way is on or off. they are bright blue when slid to the left, and pale gray when slid to the right. i would assume blue is ON, but going to the left is opposite of anything i've ever seen. i figure it's like the O and X buttons being reverse for Cancel and Confirm on japanese games, lol.

    regardless there seems to be NO WAY to apply the changes once you make them. my "Receive emails" and "Tomb Raider" always stay on no matter what i do.

    seriously i shouldn't have to deal with signing in to an account i barely use just to unsubscribe. (really i only made this account because the achievements and DLC for Rise of the Tomb Raider were extremely broken.)

    anyway i finally bothered to sign in today, looked at My Profile, then went to My Settings. saw a red link that says "manage email preferences" and SURPRISE, it's the same worthless page!!!

    i looked for a way to delete my account as well, but no luck.

    this is an absolutely horrible setup. please fix it immediately.

    EDIT: even in the FAQ:
    it says "How can I cancel my Square Enix Account?"

    Square Enix Accounts can be deleted by logging into the Square Enix Account Management System ( and going to "Update Account Information" under the "Square Enix Account" section.

    so i went to that link and there's NOTHING that i can find that will allow me to unsubscribe or delete my account, despite following the instructions given.

    (note to self: submitted support ticket #6329914)
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    I am also having this problem. I want to unsubscribe from emails I never signed up for, but clicking the link brings me to a page that changes nothing. For such a big company I'd expect this to be working...but if there is no way to do it here I guess I'll have to get my email to auto-delete emails from them.

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    (here's the response i got from submitting a ticket):

    1. Log into your account (
    2. Click 'User Settings'
    3. Click 'Basic Information'
    4. Click 'Manage your email subscriptions'
    5. Click which mailing list you wish to be removed from. If you would like to be removed from all the mailing lists, click 'Receive email'.

    Please take special note, if the mailing list you selected is GREYED out, that means you have 'unsubscribed' to that particular mailing list. If the mailing list has a black text or is NOT greyed out, that means you are actively subscribed to that mailing list.

    Please allow a few business days to pass for the process to be completed. If after you adjusted your settings and unsubscribed from the promotional mailing list but are still receiving newsletters a few business days later, please reply back with the email you wish to unsubscribe from the list and we will proceed forward to investigate further.

    (it doesn't say what to do once you click the switch. i guess i'll just try leaving the page open for "a few business days"...)

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    i responded to the support email with the following message: (reposted here for reference)

    "i understand that selecting all the mailing lists to be GREYED out is the procedure for unsubscribing, however that DOES NOT WORK. i have tried this several times and i am still getting spam. i do not want to block the sender with my email client. i do not want you to manually unsubscribe me.

    what i want is for the NORMAL, PROPER, unsubscribe procedure to ACTUALLY WORK. if you manually unsubscribe me, that's fine but how does that help anyone else with the same issue. as seen in this thread, which i referenced in my initial support request: i am not the only user with this issue. and i imagine there are many more users who either do not yet know they CANNOT UNSUBSCRIBE, because they simply haven't tried. or they tried and were frustrated and just blocked you, rather than requesting support to resolve the issue.

    this is ILLEGAL to not provide legitimate means of unsubscribing from emails that you do not wish to receive.

    i do hope that this issue is resolved completely and promptly. thank you for your time."

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    I have the same issue exactly. Clicking on the mailing list does nothing, all are greyed out, but refreshing the page, closing it, waiting for minutes for something to happen, nothing works, I still get spam emails.

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    i'm still wondering why we haven't had an official response to this thread yet... here was the latest response from them to my email:

    "Thank you for submitting the information you did. This issue has been escalated and will be handled by the appropriate department. We will remove you from all SQUARE ENIX promotional mailing lists. Please allow a few business days to pass for the process to be completed."

    not sure if that means they are handling the overall issue affecting everyone, or "my issue" specifically. that was from Friday Aug 26. i got another spam on Mon Aug 29. i will keep you all updated.

    in the meantime, if you want to unsubscribe asap, your best bet is to send an email to "" and perhaps link them to this thread so it catches their attention and they see it's actually something needing fixed.

    also i just found this US customer support phone number. i'm going to call tomorrow. perhaps that would help put them on the spot to have someone actually on the line expecting a resolution. +1 858-790-7529 (Hours: Monday-Friday / 9AM - 6 PM Pacific Time / 12 Noon - 9 PM Eastern Time)

    EDIT: a little discouraging, i just found the same issue in another area of the forums, "Site Bug Reports". apparently this has been going on for years. people have supposedly contacted the BBB and the FTC, but still a problem. it actually makes me More Upset to see nothing happening after all that. i am definitely going to have a lot of stuff to tell them when i talk to them tomorrow (if i do). seems like people end up on hold for hours, whether using live chat or phone support. i'm not one to give up though, i take this as a personal challenge..
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    Same issue here and I've tried multiple web browsers just to make sure nothing in that regard was screwy but all are the same. I emailed support myself and am waiting for a response. For now I'm just going to filter all of the messages to trash but I'm just going to pursue having the account completely closed down. I signed up for the lame Deus Ex app and get constant spam for doing so...

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    well i contacted phone support. they said they are definitely aware of this issue and working on it. apparently when they merged the NA and EU sites, issues were created. until then people will just have to manually request to be unsubscribed. they told me i was removed on Friday Aug 26, my last promotional email from them was Mon Aug 29. so it seems like it worked successfully that way.

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    Woop they final fixed it!

    When you click the tick box it now a 200 response, then refreshing the page returns the new saved preferences .

    Hope it's fixed for you all as well!

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    I don't know if anyone can help me, but I've tried to "Get Support" and it asks me for security question/answer. I have no idea what they could be because I'd never provide that type of information to a company like this. I reserve that for banks and places with more sensitive data. How am I supposed to contact SE to tell them to stop sending me junk emails almost every day. The Unsubscribe gives me the option to uncheck a bunch of boxes, which are already unchecked, but it says at the top, "You are subscribed to marketing communication from Square Enix". I do not want any emails from SE. Can someone please help?

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    I've tried several days to unsubscribe the mailings but I still can't get rid of this damn spammails.
    When I try to unsubscribe I get a page where I can uncheck my "preferences" and I can also set a switch "Change subscription status" to "off" but nothing prevents me from getting this E-Mails.
    As Square obviously still can't provide a propper way to unsubscribe from the Mailinglist I've set them now on my providers Spam-List.
    To force Square Enix fixing this issue I would recommend you to do so as well, they've had enough time to fix now.