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Thread: These house parties are getting boring... lets all go RAIDING instead!!!

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    These house parties are getting boring... lets all go RAIDING instead!!!

    Too many house parties make Lara a dull girl, so i thought we could all go on a little adventure.

    Lara has phoned a group of us to help with few little things. We are all sitting in a small charter plane, half asleep, not sure where on earth we are going. I'm throwing peanuts at people, im very bored but looking forward to seeing what Lara has in store for us. PLINK *I hit _________ off of the head with a peanut. I duck behind my seat s******ing.

    I start to feel a slight pressure in my ears ... we're descending. Ohhh i wonder where we are! I come up from my hiding place, and __________ is scowling at me, i squeeze my eyes closed with my big grin, and open them in time to see a peanut in slow motion hurtling toward my head. OUCH!!!! Right between the eyes too! "Good shot ________" i say, laughing.

    I still see nothing but clouds and sky out of the small window, but not for long .... we're comming in to land....

    (Carry it on!!! lol)

    Mwuhahaha all i need now is Lucozade!!!

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    As I sat there picking bits of peanut out of my cleavage, I started to get really excited about what lay ahead. Lara’s parties where adventures in themselves, with all sorts of weird things happening, I wonder what a real adventure like this had in store for us? As I look around the plane at the other raiders, Lara, Beks, _______,________, and _________, I couldn’t think of anyone else I would rather have beside me. I knew they were top raiders and good friends and that if anything was to go wrong????? they would be there for me and we could reply on each other. Just then the plane touched down and clouds of dust flew from the wheels, covering the windows, I couldn’t see where we were. Lara stood up and with one eyebrow raised said “Ready? Lets go raiding”.........
    It can't rain all the time...

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    Since this was my first expedition ever, i was almost wetting my pants on the plane ride because i was so excited, but also kinda scared about what may lay ahead...Anyway, i used to go to school with lara when i was little, she always picked on me....but now that she's grown up, she really is quite the man's lady.....i find myself quite attracted to her....but back to the adventure......

    We all step out of the plane and there is still a cloud of dust from when we landed on that gravel runway. I still don't know where we are.....we all wait for the dust to clear and when it did, it revealed a humungous.......

    (finish it!)
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    In front of us lay a giganic volcano off in the distance. Beneath it was miles and miles of jungle."Where are we Lara?" I ask. She doesn't answer right away. "You'll just have to find out for yourself. Now, we go into the jungle."

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    Prelude was still struggling to get peanuts of herself when we continuing down a winding path deep into the jungle...
    Lara was pinting out some places and things she has shot when we came up to a temple...ruined by natural causes.

    Lara hands us some guns and we enter the temple which is lighted by the descending sun above...I walk along side Prelude holding a Flare for light..when then we come up against...

    Formely Known As: Dagger of Xian
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    A fire breathing dragon -

    As Lara holds him a bay, we roast our peanuts with his breath.

    Beks then suggests we go skinny dipping in the...

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    ......nearby lake. "Wait!" We yell out. "There could be electric eels or something in there. Since Lara still won't tell us where we are. Let's not go skinny dipping right this moment. How about we go make some S'mores?? Doesn't that sound good?"

    (BTW, that pic is awesome!! )

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    Can I just say something....

    WOOOHOOO!!! I love this idea! !!!

    *Everyone starts to walk off. Still grinning broadly at the back of the group, dusting off my charred hat from the peanut roasting a moment ago, (and still finding a few peanuts in it from on the plane...) I suddenly notice a faint rumbling noise getting louder, or closer....
    'Odd', me thinks, 'it can't be me, I had breakfast, and you know it's kind of like the noise we're used to hearing when a giant boulder comes after you in one of the games......'
    I raise my hand;
    "erm, Lara, err.... I hear a rumbling noise, what do I do?"*

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    Run Lara yells as the large boulder comes stragiht for us, nearly wetting ourselves we run like anything. In the plane I was quietly watching the peanuts flying around, I was wondering if one hit Lara what she would have done. I was going to throw one at her but decided againist it since I wanted to keep on her good side. Sweet girl really she is. Now as we ran we came to...

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    *What looks like a TOMB!*
    "Fancy that " *says Dagger of Xian*
    *There are some strange inscriptions on the wall*
    *Dagger of Xian holds up the flare while we all try to make out what they say*
    Prelude “Did anyone bring beer?”
    *They look at her strangely*
    “Well all those peanuts have made me thirsty”
    *The inscription reads.....

    (ps love the dragon)
    It can't rain all the time...

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    Originally posted by Prelude
    [BPrelude “Did anyone bring beer?”
    *They look at her strangely*

    *The inscription reads.....

    (ps love the dragon) [/B]

    The inscription read:

    La Persona que entra esta Tomba vas a vivir una vida de mala suerte, Muertes le pasa al La familia que toca al rey de los leones!

    Translationi translated it)(me speaking)

    The person who enters this tomb will lead a life of bad luck, Death will happen to the family (of that person) if they touch the King of the Lions!

    'King of the Lions?...who's that?" Prelude asks rummiging through Lara's super backpack for beer.

    "Not sure..but legend has it that he was a crazed king who thought only the animals trusted him..though he was a great ruler...." Lara said

    " Lets go in then!" I said excidetly

    " But Bad Luck..and Death!" Aquarius exclaimed

    "Oh well....we can do with a bit of that" Thanhkim said.

    " How do we get in???" The true Lara asked

    Lara then finds a switch she pulls it opens the doors to find.....

    (love the dragon!)

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    The door opens slowley, Prelude is still looking for beer.
    "Lara, all you have is a bottle of Lucozade, i can't believe you have no Bud!!!" she sighs
    I whisper to Prelude, "Prelude this is really nasty i dont think i can do it"
    "What are you talking about??" she asks, confused.
    We all follow behind lara through the door.
    "Cant they sue us or something?"
    "BeKs .... what are you on about woman?"
    "Disney!!!" i proclame "If we kill the Lion king... i thought he was all cute and furry and little ... we dont have to kill him do we... He was good in that know i was even hoping for a sequel... there can't be one if we kill him"
    "SHUT UP"
    I giggle "Hey, here ya go"
    i reach into my pack and throw a beer.
    "Cheers mate"

    still following Lara we enter a huge hall, it's so dark, everyone is quiet
    "hey i dont mind killing the wart-hog" i shout ahead, it echoes around the walls, and as if i had given a command torches light one by one in two lines of fire down the center of the room.

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    Big Grin

    BUURRRPPP! “That’s better, I mean pardon me”
    Dagger of Xian “hey who found the light switch”
    THE true lara “I don’t know but I kinda wish they hadn’t”
    *The torches reveal the true horror of the tomb they have entered*
    *There are skeletons in shallow graves dug out of the walls, like in the catacombs*
    Beks “hey do you ever get the feeling your being watched?”
    *Then the gang are aware of pairs of red blinking eyes appearing out of the dark corners of the room.......

    (PS you guys crack me up, you know me so well. Beks lol )
    It can't rain all the time...

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    Big Grin my gun is the Desert Eagle!

    We see the red eyes but seem not to be actual creatures but the skeletons themselves staring, glaring at us as though to say you dont belong here. Lara apparently not noticng that the red Glaring eyes staring at her exclaimed:

    "Look a Switch!!"

    "Pull it...wait lets go Pull it" Prelude says

    Lara pulls the switch and finds another long hallway filled with skeletons and red glaring eyes as well. As she stepped into the doorway blades began to swish.

    *swish shing, swish shing*

    "I'll go first follow my lead.." lara said

    *Lara jumps over the blades as if it was the easiest thing in the world*
    I push Prelude in front of me...She tries to resist. Then we hear Lara's scream and her pistols shooting....

    (oh eveyone choose a gun and write on top so we now)

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    Originally posted by Prelude
    oops posted at the same time.....what happens now, hang on I'll change my story
    no dont change it..ill fix mine!

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    Lara I yell where are you are you ok?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    NO !!! I'm NOT OK !!!.....................(13th post)

    I'm trying to get the last peanut roasted...toss me another beer, so I can pour it on my head !!! Lara turns just in time to get away from the dragon, and sees...

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    A three headed dog looking eyeballs to eyeballs at her.....

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    'Prelude move..c'mon we need to help Lara" I yell trying to get Prelude to cross the blades..

    "Ill go first!" Aquarius says..He crosses the baldes and again we hear shots. Then we hear a loud roar and Lara screaming again.

    "Prelude move it!!!" thanhkim Yells

    "Let Prelude go last..lets go!!" Beks yells..then he too crosses the blades and more shots are heard.

    "Well.." The true lara hesitates then crosses and more shots are heard another roar..and more shots from Lara's pistols.

    Then LC_TR crosses, Then JunoJIm. Prelude still frozen next to the door.

    "Im going Prelude.." I say and at that i left. I then hear Prelude behind me. As me and Prelude emerge from the Hallway we see the Three Headed Dog still trying to get Lara who was safley behind the Gang.

    'What the hell is it guarding??" Beks asks

    "Dunno..but lets find out after its dead." The true Lara says.

    we all cntinue shooting at the Dog..then after a while it drops down dead. We then continue downward..

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    I then jumped down with the others seeing the dog dead I went over to Lara and said, dude you ok. she shakes her head and says keep shooting the dragon, we turn and then go for the dragon once it's dead we go downwards to find a large opening in the side of the wall. We check if everyone is safe and with us and we go forward towards an entrance that leads to an underground beach area how strange,

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    I have an M-16 on my back, and Uzis in the holsters (it's allowed, i think....)

    "Now why would the dog thing and the dragon be guarding an underground lake? You don't suppose there's something in the lake, do you?" I say
    "There's only one way to find out, but look out for underwater creatures" Lara says
    We all start to put on diving gear, which just happens to be laying on the shore.
    "Let's hope this equipment is safe....."

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    I start to get some essential gear out of my pack while the others are discussing a plan. The water looks so clear and emerald green. "Right here you guys go, you will need it more than me" Lara throws some spare ammo to each of us "We dont know what we will find on the other side of the lake"

    "Right I'm all set" i say
    Everyone turns around to see me in my scuba gear, yellow rubber duck in one hand, red Bay Watch life preserver in the other, pink dinosaur rubber ring safely around my waist, and my trusty soap on a rope hanging majestically around my neck.

    "Lets go" i say and wade heroically into the mysterious depths

    Mwuhahaha all i need now is Lucozade!!!

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    The rest of the group, still bemused by Beks, finishes arranging their gear,

    thanhkim spits out her mouth piece, spluttering slightly "ewww, seaweed-y"

    Prelude passes a small half drunk bud to her, "here, this'll hide the taste.
    thanhkim, "where'd you get this, we're in the middle of a jungle cave system!?!"
    Prelude just grins.....

    Lara stands tapping feet on the shore, "are we ready yet?"

    "Yup," Aquarius pipes up, "but what do we do if ther's something underwater that we need to shoot, but don't have harpoons?"

    Lara: "Swim. Fast."


    finally we all start wading off into the water
    "Do you think there'll be more fire-breathing dragons underwater?" I ask.

    Dagger of Xian; "I didn't think they could breath fire underwater...."

    "oh yeah, good point..."

    "if there are, they'd better have more beer" -Prelude interjects.

    "maybe the Lion King will have some...." Beks calls back from up front, teasingly, before submerging below the surface of the lake along with Lara.
    'Why would a lion have beer' I wonder........

    One by one we all follow.

    As we swim down to the center of the lake for what seems like ages, the waters begin getting darker and darker, when we swim over a large sand bank, and see illuminated before us.....

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    Big Grin Beretta 9mm and a water pistol!

    ......Swampy the sea hag and her collection of gold coins!!!

    (Beks you are soooo funny, still laughing )
    It can't rain all the time...

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    We're all staring at 'Swampy' wondering who has a Harpoon Gun. BeKs meanwhile is still at the surface, because she can't sink with her rubber ring around her waist. She then pulls out her ______ and starts shooting at Swampy. BeKs thinks she's shooting at Swampy, but she's only shooting at a big salmon, or some type of fish.....


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