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Thread: These house parties are getting boring... lets all go RAIDING instead!!!

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    Mean While back outside:

    Aquarius: Well lets go in the tunnel..

    Beks: It looks scary in there...*hugs dino*

    *Aquarius pushes Beks in..the group start going in. They then stop abrutly to see..*
    (sry thats all i could do..Where is everyone?)

    Back to Posse numero 1:

    *The posse keep running in the darkness till we reach a huge wall*

    Prelude: where are this a huge chocolat bon bon??

    Lara: how can u be thinking ..never mind i shouldnt even ask.

    Dgx2001: Hey look at this a button!

    Me: Push it..maybe it opens some door.

    *Dgx pushes the button..a trap door opens beneath us we all fall into a quick sand pit*

    Stevo8710: Quick sand!

    Thanhkim: How are we supposed to get out of here..Larie dear do you have any ideas??

    *the group sinks deeper and deeper....

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    is anyone out there???


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    Well I guess I'll keep it going...


    They stop to see... A rat.

    Beks: he he..

    The group travels down the long path then up a winding stair case..

    Beks: does this EVER end!!
    dino: don't get weak on us now
    V Croft: finally.. the top

    As the get to the top they see another long narrow corridor

    Beks: greeeat!(sarcastically)
    TTL: lets keep moving


    Dino: what's that
    V Croft: it's coming from down there(points down the corridor)

    They run down the corridor and see a grated floor. Below they see group one sinking in quick sand

    Stevo8710: hey look beks.. HEEEELP!
    V Croft: Dino get some rope outa your backpack

    They throw down the rope and eveyone on team one grabs on.

    Beks: HOLD ON!!

    Everyone in group 2 grabs on and everyone in group 1 holds on for dear life

    But then...

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    as group 2 is helping group one up. the whole tunnel spinnes around faster than lightening. when it stops we find ourselves outside looking at a complete replica of Lara's house which is made of chocolate. We standing outside the front gate and who should come out but a chocolate Lara. She greets the guests friendly and says I'm chocolara. Lara looks back at me and I burst out laughing saying Lara what is the deal it's you made of chocolate. The girl invites us in and says to Lara hi you look just like me. Lara says, no you look like me. I'm Lara Croft. Once in the house everyone sits down and suddently.....


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    And suddenly..

    Prelude stands up and takes a bit out of the staircase railing...

    Prelude: mmmm fhat fakes food..mph ufm mophm ufm??

    All: PRELUDE!!

    Prelude: ufm umph umfhm oof..

    Lara: anyways..where are we and why do you look like me??

    ChocoLara: Well you are in my house and You look like me!

    Lara starts to grab her gun..

    Aquarius: dont do it ..we dont know if she is good or evil..

    Lara: fine..but the second she does something to me im gonna
    *does violent motion if twisting her head*

    Prelude: Then we can eat her!

    TTL: i dont think this is a time...look up there..its..its..

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    Big Grin

    Hey everybody, im back!!
    nice work! Very funney!

    We all look up and see a team of the Lion Kings Fruit Commandos rappel down from the roof.
    We point guns at them, while they do the same to us.

    Prelude goes into a violent rage and devours all of the fruit commandos in one gulp.
    Prelude: *whiping face with napkin* "It could use a little salt."
    Me: "Oh my god prelude you must have 5 stomachs!!!"
    Prelude:"good guess."
    Lara:"Well, it seems the Lion king wants to take us out bad.."
    TTL:"Seems so"

    Life is but a dream......

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    Originally posted by dgx2001
    Hey everybody, im back!!
    nice work! Very funney!

    We all look up and see a team of the Lion Kings Fruit Commandos rappel down from the roof.
    We point guns at them, while they do the same to us.

    Prelude goes into a violent rage and devours all of the fruit commandos in one gulp.
    Prelude: *whiping face with napkin* "It could use a little salt."
    Me: "Oh my god prelude you must have 5 stomachs!!!"
    Prelude:"good guess."
    Lara:"Well, it seems the Lion king wants to take us out bad.."
    TTL:"Seems so"

    hey welcome back!
    I thought this thread was dead..

    But then..

    Richard Simmons Clones come out of the sugar cane walls...
    And the Choco Lara disolves to reveal the extremely battered up richard simmons.

    *runs around screaming*

    *Prelude groans in the backround*

    Prelude: my stomach hurts...stupid fruit!

    Then Richard simmons picks up a fruit stem and changes it into a twizzler. He swings the giant twizzler around like a lasso..he ties around the Tomb Raiding posse.

    Lara: HEY! im gonna get you simmons..and your gonna die Lion king you hear me!!

    Richard laughs and then....

    (funny bout Prelude and 5 stomachs.. )

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    A predator comes down through the hole in the roof and slays all the clones, locks on to the back of Simmons' head, and fires.
    The predator collects all the bodies, looks at us. The others look like thier gonna pee in thier pants, but im not that worried, cause ive dealt with them before.
    Predator:"Dgx2001? Its an honor to meet u sir."
    Steveo points a gun at the pedator.
    Me:"I wouldent do that if i were you, steveo"
    He looks at the predator, and puts the gun down.
    Lara:"Whats the deal, d?"
    Me:"Ive capped off a few preds in my time, earned the respect of them."
    Predator:"Should i kill them?"
    Me:"No, no, no just amke sure richard simmons dosent come alive again, and tell the Viceroy i give my condolenses for his recent loss."
    Predator:"Yes. Nice to meet u all. Farewell!"
    The Predator cloaks, and disappers.
    Aqauris:"You didnt kill a predator!"
    Me:"i did too!"
    Me:"If i told ya, i would have to kill ya."
    Lara:"Everybody quiet!"
    We get out of the giant twizzler
    Me:"See, Predators really do exist!"
    TTL:"At least Simmons is dead for good."
    We walk out of the candy masion gates
    All of a sudden, the Lion king appers in front of us.
    Lion KIng:"You people are very skilled indeed, You have defeated both my Fruit minions, and salad minions. But see if u can survive this!"
    All of a sudden, an army of Aliens of the the Alien saga apper in front of us.
    The others draw thier guns, but all of the Aliens are looking to kill me.
    Alien Leader:"Thank You for this oppurtunity, King.Dgx2001, I will have your head as my prize!"
    Lion king:"I called a few of your old friends back, d. muhahaha!!"
    The Lion King then disappers.
    Lara:"what is this now, d?"
    Me:"its a LONG story"
    Alien leader:"Kill them all!!"
    An army of predators then apper in front of us.
    Leading the army is the same predator who killed Simmons.
    Predator:"We'll handle these infidels, you can escape, GO!!"

    (i know its a litlle corny, but i felt it would be good to fit in.)
    Life is but a dream......

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    Originally posted by dgx2001

    Prelude goes into a violent rage and devours all of the fruit commandos in one gulp.
    Prelude: *whiping face with napkin* "It could use a little salt."
    Me: "Oh my god prelude you must have 5 stomachs!!!"
    Prelude:"good guess."
    (Frigging hilarious, Prelude 5 stomachs, he he )


    Prelude: Ok so that was weird!
    Dgx2001: Oh and a house made of chocolate isn’t?!
    Prelude: No!
    Dagger: So what do we do now?
    The gang shrug their shoulders and look at Lara
    Lara: Don’t look at me, I’m out of ideas
    Prelude: Gang, you know I…..don’t ..feel…too ..well
    Aquarius: Well, we gotta do something, so lets just go this way and see what we find
    V-Croft: I think we should go this way (pointing other direction)
    TTL: You know what lets go that way (pointing in different direction)
    Stevo: Oh for god sake you guys, Lara which way shall....
    Prelude: Guys!…I really don’t feel well…
    Beks: Here you go mate have a beer, that will help
    Prelude: No thanks
    *huge GASP!!!!!* The gang suddenly realise that Prelude is really not well, they turn to look at her
    TTL: Geez Prelude you look kinda sick
    Prelude: I feel… *thud*
    Prelude suddenly falls to the floor, struggling for breath and clutching her chest. She is rolling on the floor in agony, V-Croft, TTL, Beks, Stevo, Aquarius, and Dagger all run to help her, they try and hold her down, but she starts having convolutions.
    Thanhkim: Lara help her!
    Lara: Oh my god, what’s wrong with her?
    They all look to Prelude, who seems to be getting worse, still struggling to claim her, the gang notice her chest seems to be moving, like something is trying to break out of it. Prelude now in immense pain manages to grab Dgx2001 arm.....
    Prelude: kill….me….
    Dgx2001 suddenly clicks what’s happening, he stands and without hesitation pulls weapon, aiming at Prelude, he squeezes the trigger, but Lara jumps up and pushes his arm away as he fires....
    Lara: No d, she’s one of us, she might live
    Dgx: Are you kidding, I’ve seen this before, one of the aliens has got inside her and its about to jump out and kill us all
    Just then prelude breaks free of the gang and clutches her chest in an attempted to prevent the inevitable, she then seems to pause, the gang look on in horror……….
    She then lets out the biggest belch ever heard by man in all time, it echo’s round the cave and continues for about 5 minutes, the ground shakes and rubble and stones fall from the near by cliffs. The Lion King sitting in his chamber looks around nervously, the predators and aliens stop fighting and look at each other, stunned, Swampy the sea hag picks up her gold coins and swims off whimpering, the gigantic man eating mole digs a tunnel to the centre of the earth and never returns, the huge scary black lake octopus, the serpent and the dragon all cover their ears, Richard Simmons lifeless remains…..remain lifeless
    finally she finishes and rubbing her stomach says...

    Prelude: Oh man, that’s better, fruit always gives me gas, hey Beks I’ll have that beer now mate…….
    It can't rain all the time...

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    Big Grin

    (lOLOLOLOLOLOL funny!)

    *we all look at prelude, Beks hands her the beer*

    Lara: OMG! thats the big "alien" geez prelude next time dont act so dramatic!
    Prelude: What? i wasnt acting dramatic! it was my body going out of control.
    Dgx: at least everything we met on the way has disappered. so which way are we going?
    TTL: dont you guys realize! Richard Simmons is gone! WOOHOO PARTY!!!
    Aquarius: not now! lets go this way (points left)
    Thanhkim:Lara dear which way should we go??
    Lara: dunno..
    Dagger: look, up there (points up to see...)

    (Prelude im still laughing..hahahaa...*tries to catch breath, faints*)

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    ... it's some sort of blue light? And it's coming closer


    Stevo: Quit joking around.

    Prelude: hehe!

    Dgx: What is that?

    As they stare in aww the light becomes very bright. They close their eyes. When the light dims they open their eyes to find themselves outside right next to the plane.

    Dagger of Xian: What?

    The blue light ( now a little ball of blue fire floating) Speaks to them.

    Blue Fire: You will be doomed for all eternity if you ever return here! Come back... and you'll NEVER LEAVE! HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

    Then the fire dissapears.

    Stevo: Ugh! Finally over.

    Aquarius: You would think we would start off with a small adventure, but Nooooo we had a 210 post adventure lol.

    As the sun sets you see our heroes walking in the distance on their way home...

    Thanhkim: Wait! Where's lara

    Stevo: Laraaaaaa

    Prelude: Lara?

    AhhhhhhhhH!! They here a scream in the distance.

    Dagger of Xian: Now it's our turn to save lara.

    Stevo: Here we go again!

    TTL: Let's go!

    They all look at each other and smile.. then run back into the cave.

    To Be Continued...

    (I think that makes a good ending.. but also we can keep it going in a new thread if you like or this one too.)

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    *regains concisnuess*

    We've eneded it!?

    Oh who's gonna make a new story?
    or should we maybe cool down on the raiding stories??

    I say lets keep rading in the next new thread.
    (nice ending BTW, lolz bout Kmart Blue light special!)

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    Credits Roll

    Guy 1: That's the end!!!!?????

    Guy 2: What about the Lion King? He still lives, man this movie sucks, I'm going home

    Guy 1: Yeah, you just know they are gonna bring out a part two when it ends like that

    Guy 2: Well I hope that Beks girl is in it, she's hot!

    Guy 1: Yeah and TTL

    Guy 2: What about that belch then

    Guy 1: oh man that was funny, that girl can sure put some food away

    Guy 2: hey what about the bit at the begining with the peanuts and the dragon

    Guy 1: Oh that was awesome, yeah and the giant lettuce, ha ha

    Guy 2: What was that bit with the chocolate house all about?

    Guy 1: I don't know, I didn't get it either

    Guy 2: That guy stevo cracked me up

    Guy 1: I like dgx2001, he seemed pretty cool

    Guy 2: and Dagger of Xian she was funny

    Guy 1: yeah and that Aquarius guy, nothing flustered him

    Guy 2: hey what happened to that Jraider guy?

    Guy 1: Beats me, he'll probably be in the next one

    Guy 2: I can't believe they got Richards Simmons in it

    Guy 1: Man I hope he's dead for real!

    Guy 2: I guess it was pretty good

    Guy 1: Yeah I guess

    Guy 2: You wanna get a burger?

    Guy 1: Naa, pizza

    Guy 2: You want salad with that.......
    It can't rain all the time...

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    *laughs at preludes post..faints again fr so much laughter*

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    I'm back!!!

    Oh, it's all over.......

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    I'll comemorate the end of this saga, with the world's shortest poem:


    Adam hadem

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    Big Grin

    beautiful and poigient as always........

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    Oh that story's awesome!
    *rushing to part II*

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