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Thread: These house parties are getting boring... lets all go RAIDING instead!!!

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    Ya hehe can still work - the thought of being eaten by a mole (huge very scary looking killer mole) made you faint, we all run from moley and come back to find you one the floor having dreams about HUGE cans of beer, then we look around to find the small secret temple room ......

    (love the mole btw LOL)

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    Big Grin thanks

    ......yeah either that or THE True Lara's chunk of falling masonry, knocked me out and I was dreaming about the whole mole thing and about beer of course
    It can't rain all the time...

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    (okay, so we're in a secret temple room???)

    The Group steps into the small secret temple room, to see that it's filled with monkeys. Hundreds of monkeys!!
    "Well, I guess the room isn't that small." Lara says, while looking at one particular monkey that is completely white, and has red beady eyes..........

    (BTW, for future food related adventures, lol, I do not eat meat!!)

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    Big Grin

    Originally posted by Aquarius

    (BTW, for future food related adventures, lol, I do not eat meat!!)
    oops sorry but anyway they were Vegetarian sausages, ok


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    The monkeys all turn to look at the group. Without any notice they charge the group. Thanhkim begins firing and all the other join in. Once all the monkeys are dead we continue to explore the area and we find a coffin inside is a girl who looks identical to Lara! She wakes looking straight at Lara and

    continue story

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    2,420 getting ready to grab Lara's guns, when suddenly the look alike is tackled by a gigantic creature.........

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    "Oh for crying out loud, what is this the Lost World or something!!" I exclaim, "right, that does it, I've had enough of giant creatures, I'm not moving another inch 'till someone find me some archaeology!" and I sit down on the floor, crossing my arms stubornly.

    the group turn to look at me, bemused

    "what!" I say, "leave the double to kill the monsters!"

    "are you sure you didn't get hit on the head too?" mutters Prelude quitely...

    again the group look bemused and turn back round to see how the fight as progressed between the double and the creature.....

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    The double won and went over to Lara and gave her a hug. With her arms around Lara she said, you are mine. And they both vanished..........

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    "Oh great" I yell, "Now who's going to kill the monsters!"

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    Simultaneously, the group all points at THE True Lara to deal with the monsters.

    THE True Lara, gets up, thinks about running to the door, but then realizes there is no door. So she decides she will fight the freak monster thing. She starts to walk over to the monster, and pulls a ladle from her back pocket. "I didn't want to have to use this, but looks like I'll have to......."

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    *nudge nudge*

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    I ask as I'm watching The True Lara where's Lara! What happened, once The True Lara is finished we have to find her, I'm not leaving until she is safe!

    Mean while Lara and the double re-appear at this place like no other, Lara tries to struggle but the double is much stronger than she is and bangs her in the head knocking her out cold. The double then takes Lara and puts her into....

    continue story

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    Big Grin

    ....a frightening looking chair -something a kin to what you'd find at the dentists but scarier, metal, and with nasty looking straps and implements of torture. What could the double be up to?.....


    Mean while, I return to the group -having finished off the creature,- I'm covered in something I can't describe and still clutching the now mangeled and bent ladel.

    "Right, next time, I get stand around like a pathetic girl and you guys can deal with the monsters!" I say shaking my ladel at the group, "I don't like to be violent, but sometimes..... well, after all there is a logical use for violence.... and what's done is done, and no amo wasted."
    I look at the ladel and sigh slightly,
    "I don't suppose there's time for a cup of tea before we look for Lara?...."

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    Hey guys im back, said i would be.
    anyways, here it goes:

    As the chopper got near the volcano, i decided to paradrop down.
    "i just hope Lara didnt get here first. Whatevers in that volcano is my treasure this time." i say as i put the chopper on auto pilot and jump out. While im going down, i noticed a charter jet in the distance. "Lara always gets to the treasure first..... o well, i might as well find her and help her" i said with a sigh as i landed right outside the huge firepit. "Well, i better start looking".......

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    Wink Ok stories getting boring guys liven it up a bit.

    (Welcome back dgx2001, you might want to check your private messages!)

    Prelude “Sorry THE true Lara no time for tea, here have a beer instead”
    JunoJim “So gang whats the plan?”
    Thanhkim “Well we need to find Lara”
    “Do we have to?” Everyone looks at Beks, “Hey I was just kidding”
    LaraCroft Tombraider looking around “Where do we start?”
    Prelude “I don’t know, start look for a spaceship or something”
    All “Huh?”
    Prelude “Well she was obviously beamed up somewhere, people don’t just vanish! Start looking for Captain Kirk, maybe the other Lara was a hologram, or maybe its really Seven of nine”
    The others look bemused at Prelude
    Finally Aquarius says “Ok back to the real world, how do we find her?”
    Just then the gang here Lara screams “HELP ME, I’M IN HERE”


    Lara “who are you?”
    Lara2 “I’m your twin sister, we were separated at berth”
    Lara “yeah right like I’m falling for that one, if you’re my twin sister then let me go”
    Lara struggles against the restrains
    Lara2 “Ok so I’m not your twin sister, your less gullible then I thought, I was created to take your place”
    Lara “Created? Take my place, great what happens to me?”
    Lara2 “Subject is terminated!”
    "Don’t think so" says Dagger of Xian, as the group arrive in the door way and unload several rounds into Lara2
    Lara “Thank god you guys, she’s a psycho said something about being created to take my place”
    Aquarius helping Lara up, “no one could take your place Lara”
    Lara “ah you’re so sweet”
    Beks “err I think I’m gonna be sick”
    Just then Lara2 gets up again, there are sparks coming from the bullet holes in her face and chest
    V-Croft “hey look at that! Lara2 is some sort of robot!”
    Prelude “Cool a Larabot!” Prelude laughs at her own joke and looks around to see no one else gets it “Get it? Lara Bot, you know like its Lara and she a robot, hey like Buffybot from Buffy the vampire slayer, or it could be Cyberdian systems model 102 ha ha yeah Arnie’s sister, *impersonates Arnie* ‘I’ll be back’ or maybe she’s Borg, we are Borg prepare to be assimilated.....hey wait up guys where you going?”
    Prelude turns to see Larabot coming for them, the others are running away, "Hey wait for me....."
    It can't rain all the time...

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    After looking around for a bit, i see the rest of the gang running from something. "whats going on?" i ask. "RUNNN!!!!"
    i see a someone resembling Lara runing towards me. She stops.
    "Wait, hold on a sec, if Lara's back there, who are you?"
    She knocks me down. I draw one of my pistols, which she crushes with one hand. "Okay, uh, that explains it" I get up and run as fast as i can to catch up with the others.

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    *smacks into concouisness*

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    Prelude:"I'm telling you, she's a Borg or a robot, an Android, a..."
    Everyone shouts simultenously:"Shut up!!!"

    V_Croft:"How are we goig to kill that thing?!"
    Aquarius:"No idea!"

    Prelude:"Right, if you don't want to listen, then don't, but then it's bad for you ... And...
    BeKs:"Can't you stop muttering? DON'T you see we have a problem here?"
    *Lara2 is approaching...*

    THE true Lara:"Oh dear, HELP!!!"

    Prelude her sleeves and shouts:"IT IS AN ANDROID! CAN'T YOU SEE THAT???"
    Junojim:"So what?"
    Prelude:"We actually can kill it! with WATER!

    *Everyone looks at Prelude...*

    Thanhim:We must find some water immediatelly!

    *We start looking around...*

    V_Croft:"Hey, what's that body over there?"
    *We notice dgx2001's body*

    *Lara picks starts slaping him on the face*
    "YAY, what's up?"

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    "What the hell are you doing here?!" Lara asks.
    "what do ya think im here for? when we get outta this, you have to tell me how you get to arachological sites before me."
    "We have bigger problems than puzzles right now" says V_croft
    Lara2 was gaining on us.
    "so ive noticed!"
    "Do you have any water, d?" Lara asks "Yea, but not alot, here"
    i toss the canteen to Lara. She douses Lara2 with the water.
    Lara2 stalls for a second then......

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    ....places her hands on her hips, annoyed, "Oh come one, you didn't think that was going to stop me did you!"

    We all look at each other confused, then realise we need to start running again. So we do!

    Prelude: "well it would have worked with a normal robot!"

    Me:" Yeah, but Data went swimming in Insurrection and he didn't turn into Mr Rust bucket...."

    Lara: "We need ideas please..."

    Prelude: "oooh ooh, I have a better idea, how about sea water like in Day of the triffids, or failing that the common cold like in War of the Worlds..."

    the rest of the group begin to moan....

    Aquarius: "no wait, that's a good idea, we'll get her cold, we'll freeze her! Now all we need is some liquid Nitrogen, and.... oh, yes, right......"

    Beks: "Well maybe we could do the opposite, and cook her?!"

    Dagger of Xian: "Yes, but is she flamable?"

    Me: "I say we keep trying till she konks out!"

    Lara: "Okay, someone pass me the flares, it's time for a roasting..."

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    Big Grin

    Prelude “Ooo roasted LaraBot, yummy! With potatoes, and gravy and....hey guys I’m hungry”
    Aquarius “How the h*ll can you think of food at a time like this!!!!”
    Prelude “Well I don’t what to die on a empty stomach do I”
    Lara “No one is going to die, except that THING!”
    THE True Lara “You mean you
    Lara “NO not me, that thing doesn’t look anything like me, I mean look at those abnormally large breast, sticking out, I mean no one has breast like that!”
    The gang frown and look at each other
    V-Croft “Whatever you say Lara”
    Thinhkin “Lara dear, don’t bite my head off or anything but what exactly are you planning to do?”
    Lara “erm use the flares… to erm… roast the thing!”
    Dgx2001 “Lara I hate to be the one to point this out, but I think it will take more than a few flares to ‘melt’ the Larabot, metal has to reach very high temperatures before that happens” dgx2001 ducks in precaution to the punch he is expecting to receive for this comment, strangely it doesn’t come
    Prelude “Yeah what we need is some" *Doing impression of Dr Evil* “liquid hot MagMa”
    JunoJim “oh yeah and where are we going to get that exactly??!!”
    Beks “No wait, she’s right, come on guys this is essentially a ‘Volcano’ right, so there must be some larva round here somewhere?? Lara you’ll always jumping into larva pits when you’re not suppose it, maybe Larabot will do the same!” Beks adds under her breath “she is you after all”
    Lara “WHAT!?”
    Beks "I said she won't survive the fall!"
    Lara “oh”......
    It can't rain all the time...

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    We find a river of lava running a long stream with bobbing bits of stone to stand on in the middle of the stream, I say look Lara here's the river you wanted. Lara tell us what to do we then all proceed to jump across. Once everyone has made it Lara is the last to come and the Larabot is after her. Lara starts to jump and just makes the end. I give her a high five and say nicely done dude, the Larabot does the same but unfortunately it does a perfect jump from stone to stone like Lara does, we grab Lara and run like hell with the thing gaining on us, now what I say to Lara..............

    continue story

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    "Aw, the hell with this!" i say as i turn around and unload my ammo into Larabot. When the bot is just about to fall into the flaming hot lava, i run out of ammunition. "no, not now!!!!!" i yell as Larabot recovers and starts chasing us again. "Nice work, Eienstein, have any other bright ideas???" Lara says.
    "Two things, one, if i had more ammo it would be dead now. secondly, RUN!!!"

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    just forget my last post. sorry

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    Swaped it around so it fits dgx2001

    We run quickly to a fork in the path,
    "Oops did i drop that when we were having dinner?" says THE true Lara
    "Who cares!!" shouts Aquarius "Keep going"
    We start off again, the Larabot chasing after us. Running to a junction, Lara decides to go left, we all follow, panting and very out of breath.
    "No! its another dead end" i cry as we come to a small room, "No doors out!"
    We turn to face the oncomming Larabot, she stops a few meters in front of us laughing. Backing against the far wall Lara swears at the bot under her breath.

    "Mwuhahahahahaha, time to be replaced by a younger model!!!" the Lara bot chortles insanely.

    dgx2001 turns to me and whispers " Look at the Larabot's back.... she got a big red OFF button!!" "Oh yeah!!!" i reply "How did we miss that?"
    "Pass the message along to Lara" dgx2001 says
    I pass the message to V_Croft, V_Croft whispers to Prelude, Prelude to Thanhkim, and finally Thankhim edges across to Lara and says, "Are you okay Lara?!?" ..... "Oh by the way, the Larabot has an OFF button on her back"
    "Ahhhhh" saus Lara grining

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