Herdy Gerdy was a game released by eidos/core on the ps2 back before the eidos merger with SE, and before eidos dropped core.

i love Herdy Gerdy, but it was definitely suffering from things: obvious scanlines when other ps2 games didnt have them, bad camera controls, character design issues, etc.

now that eidos has been taken in under the SE umbrella, i feel the game should be given a remake/overhaul. i would love to see the game be given a complete cel-shaded overhaul (like windwaker) but keeping the art style of the original game, clean up the clunky controls, removal of scanlines and given an HD makeover, etc.

i know the game wasnt everyone's favorite, but i feel that a lot of that is due to technical issues at the time. the game felt like it might have been a late psx title with the scanlines and design of the levels and characters, but got pushed onto the ps2. but when you were actually in the process of herding and being chased by Gromps and other things the game definitely shows the smooth seemless ability that the ps2 was capable of.

who else would like to see a remake of Herdy Gerdy?