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Thread: Can't open multiplayer menu on Mac

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    Can't open multiplayer menu on Mac


    I've got TR 2013 installed on a late-2014 MacBook Pro (Retina) with OSX 10.11.5. The game runs perfectly except for the fact that I can't access the multiplayer menu. From the main menu, if I select any menu option other than "multiplayer" it works just fine, but if I select "multiplayer" and hit the return key nothing happens (I get the sound you get when you select any menu option, but the game stays in the main menu).

    My brother has TR 2013 on an older MacBook (might be Pro, don't know) and has the same problem. For some reason, he can bypass it by using an XBox controller and pressing the survival-senses button, but I don't have a controller, so I'm stuck with keyboard+mouse.

    Does anyone know what could be causing this and/or how to fix it?


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    For Linux and mac users, it's here:

    But, by experiment (Linux user), the technical support is not very effective: Many excuses to blame the player and no solution except go to ubuntu or steamos...
    Try, under mac maby different.

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    Thanks, Djynn62. I can't find anything there that might be of help. I've given up and bought a controller (I have other games which are better with a controller anyway), but hopefully someone will find a fix for keyboard users someday.

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