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Thread: HKPD: "Wei Serve With Pride & Care"

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    Post HKPD: "Wei Serve With Pride & Care"

    Hello everyone.

    This is a remnant from the old Sleeping Dogs Forum, which I'm surprised hasn't made a return yet. In short, it was this big thread where players could post about their "patrols" around Hong Kong in Sleeping Dogs. It wasn't limited to JUST police role play, however; there was room for some other things (mostly what others had on their "noodle breaks").

    Anyways, since I still play this game and have recently gotten back into it, I'm making this thread 1) to revive the old one from the original website and 2) to document some of the cool things I find during my "patrols" and gameplay in Sleeping Dogs.

    If you would like to join in, here's a simple format:
    1) Your Name (can use Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant, etc. rank)
    2) a unique ID # (can be totally random)
    3) Division (what island you are playing on)
    4) Unit (Patrol, PTU, Organized Crime, etc)
    5) Description (describe what you've seen, noticed, or encountered in a brief number of paragraphs)

    Name: Officer TheWeiShen
    ID #: 1401-1247-05
    Division: North Point, Central Precinct
    Unit: Patrol, FB (foot beat)


    8:04AM: Started Tour.

    8:19AM: Noticed suspicious activity in alleyway behind Club Bam Bam.

    8:21PM: Arrested two suspects and charged them with possession of an illegal substance (1x), and intent to sell (1x).

    9:30AM: Spotted local Triad gang outside basketball courts.

    9:35AM: Arrested group of four by basketball courts and charged suspects with gang activity (1x).

    11:00AM: Went on Noodle Break.

    1:04PM: Observed a local car show for signs of street racing activity.

    1:10PM: Left area as no street racing activity was initiated.

    2:50PM: Witnessed a hit-and-run. Vehicle was a grey motorcycle. Ambulance and medics notified.

    2:59PM: Victim of hit-and-run died from severe wounds. APB on grey motorcycle has gone out.

    5:00PM: Ended Tour.


    You don't have to be as detailed as what I put but something similar to that would be nice. The main point of this is to bring the idea back from the original forum AND to serve as a "fun" way to describe what we see while we play Sleeping Dogs to others. I myself have been able to find a lot of unique and cool "secrets" within the world of Sleeping Dogs that I never though existed. One example is an illegal gambling game of dice in an alleyway a couple of blocks from Wei's first available safehouse. What else is out there? Who knows. I'm pretty sure even I haven't found all the secrets that exist.
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    HKPD P.S.A #1:
    -HKPD reports that there has been an increase in both aggressive driving and hit and runs. Officers on duty report witnessing motorists of all types running red lights, cutting off other motorists, and impatience at traffic lights and intersections. The worst behavior observed is one motorist stepping on the gas and pushing the vehicle in front of them out of the way. This behavior has been viewed specifically by bike officers and reported by other motorcyclists. We advise all motorcyclists and bike officers to remain cautious on the streets of Hong Kong.

    -HKPD has also seen a recent rise in hit and run activity. Hit and runs have mostly been observed the most between midnight and the early dawn. HKMS (Hong Kong Medical Services) are on full alert and ambulances are already on standby in the case a hit and run is to occur. Officers are remaining vigilant in their attempts to spot and prevent hit and runs from occurring, but due to the overcrowded streets and the recent aggressive tendencies of motorists, the HKPD fears that there will be many more hit and runs to come. The department asks citizens to remain cautious while walking through intersections and when crossing the streets or any place that involves high traffic.

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