Hello all.

Some of you may remember me and some of you may not. That's not all that important. What is important is this neat little trick/glitch I'm going to teach you to add some "spice" to your patrols in Sleeping Dogs.

OK, so, apparently we can use our sirens to pull over vehicles and whatnot, but if you try to force an AI into a pursuit, they ALWAYS stop and pull over. This can get pretty boring. Well, I found a way around this by exploiting the behavior of MISSION AI driving styles.


  • a secondary firearm
  • Tram unlocked



  • chasing
  • mission failure
  • aftermath


There are a few things you need to do in order to get an AI forced into a vehicle pursuit with you. First you will need to get a weapon. Specifically, you need a secondary firearm (the one that you can conceal on your character). Next, you will need to have Tram unlocked since this can't be done without him.


OK, the reason we need a firearm for this is because we are going to trick the MISSION AI into being "spooked". You'll see why this has to be done shortly. Just make sure that you grab a pistol or any secondary firearm before doing this glitch/trick. You can easily get one off a cop by disarming him or you can use the golden Deagle from your apartment after the story is completed.


Tram is by far the most important person for this glitch/trick to happen. Without him, I don't think it's possible. It is through his vehicle missions that allows us to manipulate the AI driving style to our will. Make sure you have him unlocked and can accept vehicle missions from him via phone.


This is an optional step if you want to make it official. I'll just list a few tips to preparing for a vehicle pursuit. You already have your firearm so that's the first step done. Next, look the part by dressing officially and obtaining a police-issue vehicle (there are a couple of packs available that makes this possible: Year of the Snake, Law Enforcer, SWAT Pack, etc). Now that you have your weapon, car, and uniform on, all you need to do is report to a police station and get ready to engage in a police pursuit.


Here's the part you've been waiting for. I will try to be as detailed as possible but it's really simple. First, call up Tram and accept a vehicle mission from him. Wait for the icon to appear on the map. Once you locate the icon and get close enough to it, the vehicle should spawn in.

NOTE: Tram's vehicle mission AI act differently than normal AI.

Once you have located the vehicle, you can either pull it over with your lights/sirens or you can stay behind it and just follow it. Just make sure not to "spook it" just yet. OK, now you want to take out your firearm and fire ONE ROUND into the vehicle (I usually hit the back bumper or other indiscreet location) and you will notice a few things:

  1. The mission continues
  2. The AI driver speeds up (even if you have your sirens on)
  3. The AI driver will start driving erratically and REALLY fast

You have just glitched/tricked the vehicle mission AI driver driving style into playing into your favor. The vehicle is now stuck in a "PANIC MODE" sort of situation. No matter what you do, you will ultimately have to bring the chase to a halt by disabling the vehicle or pulling out the driver.

4) TIPS:

OK; before I conclude this guide, there's a few things I should mention:
  1. Chasing
  2. Mission Failure
  3. Aftermath

-When chasing an AI driver in this state, you must try to stay with it as best as you can or you will gain a mission failure for falling too far behind it.
-When chasing, make sure not to blow the vehicle up or damage it too much as this may result in a mission failure for destroying the vehicle.
-When chasing, the AI driver will usually do the following: 1) drive extremely fast on straight roads, 2) slow down when turning or impeded by traffic, and 3) cut really close to sidewalks when trying to navigate traffic (it is quite varied though, and you get different results most of the time)

-If the mission fails at all, you will be notified via an on-screen prompt
-You can fail the mission by damaging the suspect vehicle too much or if it explodes
-You can fail the mission by falling too far behind the suspect vehicle

-After a mission fails, you will be stranded (I believe) since the game will delete everything from the world that had to do with the previous mission (the driver, the driver's vehicle, your vehicle)
-You'll be able to replay the mission once you "re-situate" yourself (see GETTING STARTED/LOOKING THE PART).

Whelp that's all, folks! Enjoy chasing down fleeing suspects in high speed pursuits FOR REAL this time!

I'll be back with some more cool things to do once I find them, but this one is an old one I've been holding onto for quite some time. I felt now would be a great time to make it public (since I did a ton of testing).

NOTE: Please provide feedback. It helps me learn if I've missed something, or if you want to comment about this particular glitch/trick, that's nice to hear too. ENJOY!!!