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Save Transfer Between Episodes

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    Question Save Transfer Between Episodes

    I'm Ok with Episodic System ONLY, & Only if they allow us to transfer our game saves from Episode One to Episode Two (& Furthermore Episode 3).

    I mean, if you think about it, the original FFVII was episodic aswell : CD1 - CD2 - CD3 (Sold together I agree about that, you didn't have to pay each CDs, but just pass this).

    It would TOTALY s*ck, (...!!!) if you can't continue the game with the same Character, YOUR Character, The one YOU spent time & effort Leveling up throughout Episode One !

    ...then Episode 2 comes out & !!!

    You would have to start out as a fresh Automatically Generated Character (Probably Under-Leveled from what you were in Episode One on top of that...), no items that you had, no Materia you spent DAYS Leveling Up just to get that "Fire 2" spell.
    What would happen if you farmed the HELL OUT to get your, let's say, Lvl 3-1 LimitBreak, assuming it's the same system as before to get them, & then you load up Episode 2.... New Random Character, the 2nd Lvl 1 LimitBreak, Zero Gils, Random Materias, etc etc.

    I think, it would totally kill our interest (at least mine & I'm sure others aswell) to buy Next Episodes, & basically, that would just be so freaking bad don't you think ?
    I repeat, I'm Ok with Episodic System, as long as they allow Save Game Transfer between Episodes, if not...Sadness & Shame on you at Square, I'm sorry but I mean it.

    Guys ?

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    Relax, I'm pretty sure the stats will carry over.

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    To quote my previous statement on this topic

    " However My only concern now is that since this title is being split in to multiple full size games, character progression elements such as stats, items e.t.c. Will our progress from the end of the first part be carried over to the next part of the series or will the game start from scratch at the Forgotten City of the Ancients with all our party members at level 7 again?"

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    I hope you're right.

    Because they said the Remake would be kinda like FF XIII, where game saves don't carry over.
    So, I'm worried...

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