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Kingdom Hearts III - John Carter of Mars

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    Kingdom Hearts III - John Carter of Mars

    This thought provoking idea has been haunting me for the longest time. And while I do not know if anyone else may or may not have thought of this as well, the question continues to linger.... Has Square Enix ever considered adding John Carter of Mars? In my opinion, it was such an intriguing story and one that continues to fascinate me. I liked the characters, the creatures and the era it took place in. That being said, it made me compare it with other Disney real life action movies such as Tron (and Tron Legacy of course) and Priates of the Carribian.

    The more I thought about these movies, the more the question became apparent and more so relevant to better the gaming experience of the Kingdom Hearts series... "Why not?" Of all the Disney worlds that have been revealed throughout the entire series, there are still a good few that have yet to be announced. I know Frozen has been a rumored possibility and Big Hero 6 has been a confirmed Disney story that will be added to the Kingdom Hearts series. And although this idea is most likely a very late one, I hope that this topic starches up a new flame of bright ideas and hopefully catches SE's attention.

    Personally, I believe adding John Carter of Mars would be a brilliant idea. It would make sense too, considering that the gummy ship travels to not just other worlds, but through space and onto planets that inhabit these worlds. Or in some sense I suppose. Stitch, in birth by sleep, being a great example since that story did take place in the middle of space. I could picture a similar scenario where Sora's gummy ship gets captured by one of the ships from John Carter and they bring him and his friends to Mars. The bald white robed sentient beings that manipulate the mass could have an impact with the the forces of darkness and they use that power to enhance their ability.

    There are so many possibilities that it makes me aching for this story to be added to the Kingdom Hearts series. Especially for KH III if it is not already too late. What are your thoughts everyone? What Would you discuss on this idea and has this been mentioned before? Who knows? Do let me know. I would love to bring this topic to life and hopefully for SE to notice.
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