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Thread: Expedition Challenge Bug #1: Carnivore in Endurance not finishing

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    Expedition Challenge Bug #1: Carnivore in Endurance not finishing

    So, I decided to open with this one, because it is the one I know for sure, isn't my fault in terms of playing wrongly.

    I have 704 of these challenges done for good now and would REALLY like to have the remaining two also done, but the game hinders me from doing so.

    So the Carnivore challenge is about eating one of each animal there is. There are eight to be found. Bird, squirrel, rabbit, boar, deer, wolf, bear, lynx. Of course you need to do it in one session. While doing it, the game doesn't keep track how many you already have, it is just saying "In progress". After killing and of course eating all eight, nothing happens and it still says "In progress". When ending the level it changes to "Failed", so it doesn't get completed only after extraction. I tried many different approches now, but it always ended the same. There was a fellow player who had the same problem and wrote here in the forum, but never got an answer. So I can conclude it is NOT a singular problem with my game or my console.

    Now I had someone help me, who played this challenge on Xbox 360 and got it completed without problems, by just eating one of each animal (not ONLY one, not in specific order, not the normal and the rare ones, just one of each animal). I did exactly the same only a couple of hours later and I wasn't able to complete it. I also checked in the timeline after finishing and all eight animals were there I didn't miss one. So, it is also not a Xbox 360 specific problem, since he was able to do it without problems. I must add, he said, he had the challenge already done before he tried it for me and did it again, I have never done it so far. Maybe it has something to do with the patches and title updates.

    So, for technical information: Play it as not-installed disc version on a PAL Xbox360 with all patches and title updates installed that were released up to now. I only played Endurance mode after finishing the story mode and the Baba Yaga DLC and after the patch that made Endurance mode actually playable was released.

    It is really frustrating having spent so much time for the challenges and being only two short of having them all completed and that because of bugs.

    Please, whoever is responsible, look into this or give me an advicee what to do. And no, deleting the save game is NOT an option, just sayin.
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    I have the exact same problem, also on XBox-360.

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    Hey there folks!

    Not that I think anyone is still here reading this or playing this. Well maybe playing, but no one from the developers is around anymore I'm pretty sure since I assume they are busy developing Shadow of the Tomb Raider by now.

    Well nevertheless, I still tried to get these last two challenges working and since there ARE people who already did this on the 360 version I gave it another shot after nearly two years now.

    With a funny advice from another forum where someone posted this very same problem in the PC version and got a quite hilarious answer: There are two types of birds to be found. And each one counts towards the Carnivore challenge.

    Well I tried it... I can't confirm it for sure, since I also killed two wolves and I don't know maybe it was a grey and a white one and THIS counted for it, but the game didn't tell me that it was a special animal nearby before killing them, so I think it was the birds. I also killed two birds that got the same screen in the overall statistics at the end of the game so there is no difference at all to tell, but I think it was a black one like a crow and a white one like a pigdeon, so I can't say for sure what it was, but it worked. I'd go for the birds if I'd retry it.

    It is actually REALLY effing easy when you know what you have to do. But nobody tells you. Not the game (since it doesn't distinguish one bird from another in any statistics or in any other challenge) and the developers here in the forum weren't any help either. And I must say I find this outrageous. Since the easy solution would have been ONE sentence typed in here with no more work whatsoever, done in half a minute. But nobody cared. Feels good to be a valued customer. After you paid for it you can go to hell. Right?
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