Thread: FINAL FANTASY III on Kindle Fire


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    So you may have noticed that the blog updated with news that Final Fantasy III is now available for Kindle Fire (which is neat because I typically associate them with books rather than games). Since I already own the PSP and DS versions I don't have any plans to pick it up, but what about you guys?

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    Final Fantasy III is not really my favorite in the series, but of course, when it came out for the DS back in 2006 I had to get it! That's the only copy of it I own at this point. If there were some major changes to the game, I would surely pick it up again, but I can just pop III into my 3DS if I'm desperate enough to play it. It's portable, just like the PSP version and now the Kindle Fire version. If someone hasn't played it yet though, I would certainly recommend buying it!