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Thread: How to approach the Legacy of Kain movie

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    How to approach the Legacy of Kain movie

    Hey guys, I am new here, I am a big fan of the gaming franchise, I am still waiting for a new game in the series. I made this video, as a way to show how to approach a Legacy of Kain movie. Please watch the video and let me know what you think of my ideas for a movie.

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    I have a one point- nowdays we could get movie made completly in computer images- much like Bagiński is making "Witcher"(supposedly). That way we could have the same voice actors, while motion capture technology could do it`s magic.

    So what i am not agreeing with you on: cast. I know where you coming from when you picked this two what-thiers-names actors, but frankly i`d rather drag my crotch on broken glass than see this... Lee preform as Kain. I don`t know why, but one look at this mug of his, and my inner killer awakes. He was good as Elven king, but as vampire? Too... womanly to be Kain. I think we had enough pretty vampires already. Pretty boy- Lee. That is about as close i can explain- these two words. Kain is not pretty, he`s not handsome. He`s manly, Lee is not. And "boy". Eve when Kain was young guy(30 years or something) he sounded like he had tons of different experiences. Like he never was a teen or a child. I don`t know how to put it in words

    What i`d support. if we`d have any say in how to make this movie: directors, writers you picked. 2015 "Macbeth", it`s music, atmosphere, how story was shown and told. It reminded my of "Vallhalla Rising", and that also had it very unique "taste". I don`t have enough english words in my vocabulary to express myself . If Legacy of Kain was in that kind of misty, suspensfull world- i`d be very happy. And "Hannibal"(Mads Mikkelsen again:P)- this guys really had pretty wicked sense of humor and story pacing. Constant symbolism, and details. It`s just that much in Legacy of Kain is unspoken(no pun intended) and lot of things is hinted rather than told straight up, and "Hannibal" had tendency to overanalizing everything to the point of grotesque

    I can`t think of anything more i`d like to point so that is it for now

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