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    Cool Deus Ex 1 Remastered

    Hi there everyone! Some time ago i started this:

    And here is my question to the creators of Deus Ex 1. On what rights I can create remake? What is allowed and what is not?

    Reason why i have started it - is because Deus Ex was one of PC Games that i have played and because i love it so much. For me - that game has bringed revolutionary changes to games as it did at the time Half-life.

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    Day 10

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    Day 11 (finishing optimizing level geometry):

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    Day 12 (almost ready to import to UE4):

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    Day 13 (Import to UE4):

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    Here is how will look upcoming work on map:

    Props - base

    Door - type 1
    Door - type 2
    Bush - type 1
    Bush - type 2
    Table lamp
    Table - type 1
    Table - type 2
    Medical bed
    Dashboard on the wall - type 1
    Dashboard on the wall - type 2
    Computer area - type 1 (offices on second floor)
    Computer area - type 2 (offices on second floor)
    Map on the wall
    Blueprint on the wall
    Label - "Munitions"
    Label - "Medical"
    Label - "Radioactive 7"
    Ceiling lamp - type 1 (for warehouses)
    Ceiling lamp - type 2 (for tonnels 1)
    Ceiling lamp - type 3 (for tonnels 2)
    Ceiling lamp - type 4 (for cabinet 1)
    Ceiling lamp - type 5 (for cabinet 2)
    Tube - type 1 (for tonnels)
    Tube - type 2 (for tonnels)
    Interior staircase (diagonal)
    Tonnel staircase 1 (diagonal)
    Tonnel staircase 2 (vertical)

    Props - advanced

    Wood crate - medium size
    Metal crate - small size
    Metal crate - medium size (4 types)
    Metal crate - big size

    Player items

    Nanoring device - bracelet, which will open locks
    Nanokey (overlook of this type of item maybe will be changed in future)
    Hazmat suit
    10мм ammo.

    Interactive items in the world.

    Book - type 1
    Book - type 2
    Code panel on the wall
    Light switch on the wall
    Wall case for Hazmat suit
    Security camera


    Unatco troop
    Jaime Reyes
    Scientist - male
    Scientist - female
    Walton Simons
    MJ12 agent - male


    Repair bot
    Med bot

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    Day 13 (continue):

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    Fresh News, Fresh News!

    I've discovered new method for converting Deus Ex maps straight to 3ds max. Big Thanks to FACH for that! Now converting tooks about a couple minutes and saves all BSP geometry in their own place without any issues. Ok, enough words - here is some screenshots:

    By the way - now you can follow progress on this mod also here:

    PS: The link i provided above is about thread's topic, so if it break in some part rules of Square-Enix forums, please first send me warning message before ban me for that

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    Some fresh news from development process:

    Now i'm seeking for new visual style, but trying to keep some part of old style. It's hard but i'm trying)

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    Meanwhile something new arrived here:

    Perhaps Nanokey Ring will look like this.

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    Day 17:

    Added some lighting, doors to be working (in alpha style), stairs climbing. Just returned to work on mod

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    Day 18:

    Working on L.A.M. proximity mine (repurposed now to Biocell) - first visual realization. In future will be more...

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    Day 19 - L.A.M. Grenade (first visual realization - concept):

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