I finally had Cloud and company leave Midgar, only to find that the Open World (where I would navigate to Kalm) is entirely dark.

The screen is NOT BLACK. Again, I must stress this is NOT A BLACK SCREEN. The game worked perfectly fine until I left Midgar, and then everything was very dark. You can see a few things here and there, but it's all extremely dark even with maximum monitor brightness. I had uploaded an example onto Imgur with this link: ( You notice the map at the bottom right and perhaps see the sky, but there's no more than that.

I'm using a Graphics Card NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti. My computer is a Windows 10 64-bit OS. I have tried every variation of the settings such as the resolution, full screen mode, original graphics mode, etc. I had mods at the beginning, I've even uninstalled and reinstalled the game without mods just to be sure, but the problem still persists. Google searches do not assist because I don't think anyone else has this problem.

Please help me. FFVII is one of my most favorite games, but I can't continue onward if I can't see where I'm going!