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Thread: Some ideas and things that needs to be added and changed

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    Some ideas and things that needs to be added and changed

    Dear square enix,

    I'm happy that the new hitman game will come out but there are just things that needs to change.
    After plaing the hitman beta it's a bit weird that you can go into a bathroom while someone else went in it without locking the door. This can be solved with pick lock or you have to hide in the bathroom.

    Change the convinient crowbar. I mean the crowbar in the game is just convinient there it actually shouldn't be there. This crowbar can be better replaced with something that is not convinient.

    Another thing that needs to be changed is the combat system. That moment when you have to press buttons to punch the target down. This could be improved because sometimes you will have a skilled fighter infront of you. But everytime pressing the same buttons is not cool.

    Also how you bring the target down should have more animations. It's always that near naked choke. How about some guy that counters the choke and you can counter his counter. I would suggest that this happens automatically. And ofcourse different ways to silent down your target barehanded or kill your target with different weapons and guns.

    While watching this video starting at 9:16 its weird that one single assassin against a whole army can kill them all without the enemy be trained army soldiers. I mean those soldiers have been trained for more than 3 years at least and they can't even kill a single target that's hiding in a corner. They also have grenades. My opinion is this must be improved so you actually have a challenge when you want to bring every target down. And also when you are in killing spree ofcourse the main target should be notified that people are dying and the target escapes with guards or even helps fighting. So it would be mission failed and now you have to escape to keep yourself safe. And add full reinforcement a full load of npc's coming from helicopters cars swat team etc.

    It's also nice that you can select your own starting gear. Like choosing the weapons you want to bring with you and items. Including what kind of suit you want to wear. This will also improve the game. Some ideas,
    outfit select screen
    A place to create your own weapons adding silencers scopes etc.

    Also it should be possible to throw your own gun or place a gun somewhere and a guard will notice it maybe even do the gun in his own pockt or brings the gun to someone and says I found this.
    And you can't just bring your guns somewhere without being checked for having some items with you.
    Imagine going into a club you will have a guard checking what you have with you.

    It would also be nice if there was a multiplayer version of hitman where you can assassinate the target with multiple players. And it would also be fun if you see how your friend gets spotted etc.

    tl dr;
    some things can be improved and added like having a starting gear,outfit change screen,multiplayer,killing target barehanded animations,combat animations,no convenient crowbar,bathroom guy locks the door if he enters the bathroom,no easy killing spree at targets that are trained soldiers,better reinforcement, target runs away with bodyguards if people are dying,transport your guns in the place(imagine a club when a guard checks you) and throwable guns.

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    Are you playing the beta, or what? Almost everything you have mentioned is in the game. Like selecting your suit? lol

    And the things that aren't in the game, have already been mentioned many times (apart from losing the crowbar, which I personally don't agree with as it's a great tool, if you want to leave a lock-pick at home and take something else, then risk getting heard breaking doors open)

    It's obviously you spent a fair amount of time writing your post and feedback, which I can appreciate, but I can't help but think that time might have been better spent doing some reading on the many already existing feedback threads?

    I do like your idea of the bathroom door thing though Having to either enter first or pick it after they enter.
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    sounds like you want a tailor made game just for you. "no convenient crowbar"??? just don't pick the thing up!!!! starting gear/outfit is in the menu!!. other things you mention are just minutiae catered to your wants. The only thing that might be helpful is the throwable guns.

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    No need to pick the bathroom lock if you walk in before the door closes

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