Thread: Need help in getting Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Need help in getting Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

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    Need help in getting Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

    Hey all, new here. I did some searching on the game; finding a 3D version on, and an image of the game in 16-bit on wikipedia (from WiiWare), which is what I'd prefer, as I also played FFIV on the 16-bit SNES back in the day (when it was called FFII). Would the Wii U's WiiWare play this? I'm also confused as I've heard there's also this Wii U Virtual Console thing, and don't know a lot about online console stuff (never done it). The best system I have right now is a PS2. Looking for the right upgrade to get the WiiWare game.

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    Better to get the PSP version, it is included in Final Fantasy IV Complete.

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    Kinda off-topic, but is there a way to buy a good-working PSP currently (aside eBay)? doesn't seem to have them in their retro section.

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    I'm not familiar with the current status of PSP as its production was discontinued a while ago, but I'm pretty sure you can find it online.

    If you don't mind buying the game digitally, it is better to get a PS Vita at this point where you can download it from the PlayStation Store. I have personally played the game on my Vita and it's great. PS Vita runs all FF games available on PSP digitally (FF 1, 2, 3, 4, 4 TAY, Tactics, and Dissidia) that includes PS1 classics (FF 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9), in addition to FF games released on Vita (FF X and X-2, as well as the upcoming brand new FF called World of FF). If you have a PS4 you can also stream any PS4 game to it and play it on the go if your PS4 is running and both devices are connected to the network allowing you to play more FF games (FF Type-0, XV, XIV Online).

    The only FF game you can play on PSP and not on Vita is Crisis Core FF 7 (action RPG that is prequel to FF 7), because the game is only available physically.
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    Awesome. I'll get a PS Vita and download the game. It's still 16-bit on it, right?

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    It is 2D but even more detailed than 16-bit graphics. It's without doubt the best looking 2D FF game.

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    Awesome! Definitely getting a PS Vita! Thanks so much!