So i have been a fan of that series for years and i loved it so much. but no matter where you look the manga isn't available for any english speakers to read.

i looked it up and it said it was Square Enix that owned the series so i was wondering if there was ever a chance of bringing the series to the states so the people that loved the series can finally finish it. it's been eating at me for years to read and finish the story. the Manga has been complete for years now. so it's not like you would have to wait for new chapters to be released.

this series has been one that is very close to my heart i just really want to see it done so i can finally have this endless yearning to end and be at peace of mind.

is there a reason why the series was never considered for manga release in the U.S. if so if i could atleast know that i think i could be a little more happy.