I just spent an hour on the phone with support trying to get my ID and password to work, with no success. They emailed me my Square Enix Account ID since I had forgotten it, but it was still giving me the 'invalid ID or password' error message. I tried resetting my password again, logging on through a web browser instead of the FFXIV game client, logging on to account management from my phone, but all of these didn't work. My cellphone dropped the call with support before it was ever fixed.

I decided to go to account management on my phone and reset the password from there and try logging on to the game client one more time on my PC. This time I got the message that due to suspicious activity the account had been suspended, so I followed the URL it provided which had me reset the password ONE MORE TIME, this time with a different form (and I'm assuming using a different method in their system) and it finally worked.

Square Enix, your password reset is broken. I had to spend an hour on the phone with support, only to get told that it was my fault it wasn't working. Unacceptable.