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Anima/Black Screen bug

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    Anima/Black Screen bug

    AMD A8-3850 APU Radeon 6550D
    Memory: 4 gigabytes
    HDD: Seagate ST3120213A
    MB: Biostar TA75M+
    OS: Windows 7

    GFX Driver: Driver Packaging Version 15.20.1062-150715a-187142C
    Catalyst Version 15.7.1
    Provider Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
    2D Driver Version
    2D Driver File Path /REGISTRY/MACHINE/SYSTEM/ControlSet001/Control/CLASS/{4D36E968-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}/0000
    Direct3D Version
    OpenGL Version
    Mantle Driver Version
    Mantle API Version Not Available
    AMD Catalyst Control Center Version 2015.0715.2138.37093

    Game: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remastered on the PC/Steam
    Integrity check done and no failed checksums.
    Steam Settings: No overlay
    FFX Settings: English, Vol:100, Res: 1280x720, Windowed, Video quality: Low, vsync off, texture quality low, anisotropic filtering 1x, shadows off, anti aliasing off, color correction off, anti aliasing post filter off, unsharp mask off, ambient occlusion off.

    I recently came across a bug that causes my screen to flash black during a summoning animation. I discovered it happens after summoning Anima then summoning any of these aeons: Yojimbo, Ifrit, Shiva, or Bahamut. Also, if you summon Anima, finish/retreat from battle then summon any of the aeons mentioned already in the next battle in any combination it will trigger.
    I don't have the magus sisters yet so I couldn't test them.

    It doesn't just stop at the summoning animations as it effects the mini-game blitzball as well. When players take a action it will cause the screen to flash black.

    The audio works fine in the background as the screen is flashing back and forth.

    Temporary workarounds: Turn on anti-aliasing to its lowest setting MSAA 2x or if you don't want to turn on Anti Aliasing a simple restart will fix it.

    To enable Anti Aliasing start up FFX and when you can start moving Tidus around hit the ESC key. Go to System Setting -> Video and look for Anti Aliasing. Click the right arrow until it shows MSAA 2x then click ok to finalize it. Hit esc to get back into the game and that is it.

    It does not continue into your saved game after you restart.
    Windowed, Full Screen and Borderless are all effected by this.
    When Anti Aliasing is turned off this bug will appear after summoning Anima.
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    I was starting to panic earlier that something had gone wrong with my machine when I started getting this bug. It is incredibly reassuring to see that I'm not alone. My system specs are almost identical to yours, save for me having 6GB of RAM.