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Thread: Endurance Mode and card compatibility

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    Endurance Mode and card compatibility

    So, I noticed that in Endurance Mode you can use the Cluck, Cluck card which basically replaces your arrows with chickens and gives you a stock Compound Bow. Pretty neat, right? Well, when you enter a camp you'll have two bows available to select which are the Compound and Recurve, if you select either of them it basically removes the feature of the card and replaces your arrows to normal. This means you also can't upgrade the bow you're given with the card as the only way that you'd be able to use it is if you simply don't upgrade it. This card should be removed from the mode or either allowing us to upgrade the Compound Bow and still keep the function of the card intact. This card also doesn't allow you to hold poison, fire or explosive arrows - however once I unlocked the Natural Instincts skill from a codex it actually let me use fire arrows, only those kind of special arrows though (13 of them). I managed to find the Greek Fire skill from a codex so it worked with this too, but still no other arrows. This restriction on special arrows also restricts some skills like the Double Shot, Triple Shot, True Shot and the Napalm Arrows, Cluster Bomb Arrows and Death Cloud Arrows. This doesn't seem bugged as the game actually tells you you're using a card that restricts the ability to unlock these skills.

    I also noticed you can select the Makeshift Longbow cards to start your expedition, however when you go to a camp your bow is listed as a Recurve Bow. Selecting this and viewing what upgrades it already has (you can't enter the mode with stock weapon cards) doesn't turn it into the bow it displays from camp (in this case Recurve), unlike the Cluck, Cluck card. You can use special arrows just fine, but will upgrading the bow any more than what the card has gifted you, change it to a Recurve Bow? If so, this should be removed otherwise the card is useless - or the bow should remain a Makeshift with the designated two tiers it has. I entered a camp and immediately reverted to the pistol panel to upgrade, then moved to the bow panel and it actually displayed the Makeshift Bow with those two tiers of upgrades, however re-enter the upgrade tier panel and it's a recurve bow with 4 tiers now. Seems bugged.

    You can also use the Extra Equipment card - this should be fixed for this mode. You can use the ascender but whenever Lara jumps on a rope she's connected to a post, she won't descend down with her axe (unless it's facing very slanted down) nor will she face head first on her direction she's climbing - she'll climb the rope with her feet facing forward of where she's headed. I hope that makes sense, because with the latter, when the ascender is used it just pulls you back where you came from instead of zooming you quickly to where you want to go next. It'd also be nice to have lock pick strongboxes spawn when you have this card instead as you get that piece of equipment.
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