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Thread: best custom level

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    Question best custom level

    what was the best custom level that you played ??
    mine was search for imhotep
    choose the right path and move forward !!

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    I liked COTW and Last Crusade the best

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    I don't want to burst your bubble, but you might want to read this.

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    That was favorite cutom level.

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    Last Crusade is always in my heart and in a different style COTW but there are some new levels like "Ynys Witrin episode I-II" by Miss Kroft (Monica Pawlus) and "Strange World" by UFO-Palopique that are excellent.

    Also "Saudi Arabia" is the best.

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    Thanks DKSM..since ai haven't played HG yet, COTW and Last Crusade were my favorites...When HG has a walkthrough, I will probably play it!

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    i like search in venice ....... does any 1 here no were i can download a laras house level THAT IS EASY 2 DOWNLOAD ???????????????????????????(plz)

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