I tried the game for first time at the begining, but with my poor computer I couldn't play properly. Now the performance has been improved, but I couldn't try due to exams, and now, the last day of nosgoth I can't found people to try the amanzing clases that I couldn't able to try.

Fortunately, I could try the tutorial, and I can say that the changes that you made to the clases improve the game experience. A lot of the clases are amanzing and sadden me that I can never try this clases and the game in the future.

The last time I played the game was in summer, my computer (1 GB graphic card, 8 GB Ram, i5-3300) had a few problems to play it in poor graphics, but with my laptop (similar but with 4 GB RAM) the tutorial was good with poor graphics. Also, I had a good experience but the better abilities eclipsed the normal ones.

I hope the in the future, when some games like this one appears and the people wants to play that games, you will give this game another oppotunity.

I think that the game is a "beta" and not all the people want to pay micropayments in a beta.Also, I think this type of game is "loved" more from console players. If you give the game another opportunity in the future, please realesed when it has a lot of content and a fixed price for the whole game, without micropayments and also, if it is posible, in phisic case.

Finaly, THANKS for all of you, thank you for let us to try this amanzing game, the few times and the few hours I tried the game I was in front of the screen with a smile in my mouth. Thank you again for creating this game and please do not think that the game has failured due to be a bad game, that is not, it an AMAZING game and you wanted to be with you decisions.

Have a good day all of you .