Thread: Goodbye Nosgoth Stream Event

Goodbye Nosgoth Stream Event

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    Wink Goodbye Nosgoth Stream Event

    Hey guys,
    just wanted to let you know:
    On the upcoming Sunday evening (EU), 29.05.2016, we'll be having our last goodbyes to our favorite game.
    We will have private games (to bypass the broken matchmaking) and to be able to play all the game modes.

    If you want to join us on those few last hours of Nosgoth go tune in on and join
    We will manage those private games on the discord server.

    Here is the link to the tweet about this event:

    See you in another life.
    Feel free to join over 300 of us on the Nosgoth Discord Server using one of those links: |

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    Cool initiative...

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    Ah I am on a night shift. Great idea though.
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