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Thread: Square Enix game support: reality or myth?

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    Unhappy Square Enix game support: reality or myth?

    Does anyone know how to ACTUALLY contact square enix and get an answer for a problem?

    Can anyone confirm the existence of Square Enix support, or is it like ships getting lost in the Bermuda Triangle, circling forever in an alternate plane of existance, so close to one another and yet never connecting...?

    Been chasing my tail for the better part of two weeks trying to get help.

    Go through the xbox one forums, the FAQs say. but xbox one forums say to come here. post here and nobody responds. so far nobody has responded to my post asking for help--except me. and obviously i don't have the answer. (and yes, i did search through the forum looking for an answer before i posted.

    feels like a colossal runaround and its REALLY frustrating. feels like a corporate decision to make finding support as hard as possible, to save money. maybe we'll just all go away if they ignore us long enough. )

    Do i really have to make a post like this just to get noticed?


    too bad because i like square enix games.

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    I'm sorry you're being given the run around, ivancat. I'm afraid I can't help you other than suggesting to keep pushing Microsoft to get the support you need. They are officially handling support for the xbox version of the game, regardless what may be posted on the xbox forums. For the PC version and the yet to be released PS4 version of TR10 you can contact SE support, but for the xbox version you really do need to keep pressing MS I'm afraid.

    So just keep at it. We did have reports from players that were redirected by MS that they ultimately came through and helped them after being persistent enough.

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    Yes, the SE support does exist, but it seems that they are not taking responsibility for their own games. Saw this on the Square Enix support center page for Rise of the Tomb Raider:
    "Please note that Square Enix is only providing limited support for warranty issues only at this time. You will have to contact Xbox Support if you are experiencing one of the following issues:

    - Platform or console issues, such as network connectivity or Xbox Live
    - Store or Purchase issues for the game and/or DLC and virtual currency
    - Problems downloading the game and/or DLC
    - Code redemption problems"
    This means that they are turning over almost all of the support for the game to a company that isn't directly connected to the game and almost certainly has no ability to actually help with any issues you might have; it doesn't seem likely that SE has turned over the servers and server access to Microsoft to handle any issues that might arise there, so any player that gets such an issue is stuck.

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    It does seem to be non-existent, which is a shame.

    My (and a few others who care enough to post here) problem is with the Windows Store and the game not being supported. There appears to be 4/5 updates that have not been made available to us Windows Store owners of the game, which means certain parts of the game can't be passed due to a glitch, meaning either trying again with an old save, or starting a new game hoping it fixes itself.

    I have used this contact form a number of times over the last 11/12 months and not once have I received a reply.

    Some of us Windows Store players used what would appear to be the correct thread to ask about any plans to fix a broken game on another platform, only to have a Square Enix rep post in the thread and basically tell us to move our complaints to another thread which has been ignored for over 3 months.

    We have tried using various contact methods to ask Xbox reps, no response either, but it's not their job to try and fix something they don't have access to do so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Driber View Post
    ...For the PC version and the yet to be released PS4 version of TR10 you can contact SE support...
    I have yet to find a "proper" way to get help on PC. Steam obviously isn't going to provide support and when I try to fill out the SE tech support form, I am simply directed to this forum. From what I've seen, people's questions don't get answered here. It seems to me as though support for this game is extremely limited, if not non existent, at this point.

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